Posted by: mrrx | December 3, 2004

Beastly Night

Bloodskull : Ding 21, then 22. 15% XP. Ran him out of Paludal and got him his Fine Antique Ring. Took a bit to fight his way out but got XP all along the way. By the time I had him finish this I didn't think any other character could get a group so I just continued on with him.

Went back to Paludal and got him to level 22. The Patog fiends are still good XP, though its dipping a bit, now the XP is somewhere around 1.9% each. Got him his new spells – a tougher pet, the damage over time (DOT) spell Tainted Breath, a cold proc for the pet (Though you can only have one at a time – lightning, or cold), and minor healing; this will be appreciated for now, although I understand it gets to be a joke by the time you get a new heal. A few other spells too. His next real spell level is 30, although he gets disease resist at 24, and enduring breath at 29. At 24, I'll have a disease resist that will help fighting monsters which make you sick, and coincidentally I plan to stop fighting monsters that cause disease at the same time. Bah.

Stood for awhile in the Plane of Knowledge and practiced spells, abjuration is now at 55 or so, better but not good yet. But got bored doing this so I ran him back to Paludal. Turns out that now I can pull a full tent of bandits and take them down; is that cool or what? I'll have to try that some night late when nobody is camping them. Tonight I was tired so I logged off for the night.


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