Posted by: mrrx | December 2, 2004

Fine Antique Ring – Finale (?)

Woundbane : Still 90% XP. Walked through the Qeynos sewers, and after much twisting and turning found the spot where the frogloks are. It's one specific spot only, and there are only three of them. I had to sit and wait to kill enough to get five undead froglok tongues. On the plus side also practiced divination some while I waited.

Next I got the ring for Plasmatic, Woundbane, Hatereaper, and Littleoak. Each of these four had to do some easy traveling only to get to the PoK. The turn in is pretty simple – go to the building in the Plane of Knowledge next to the Kelethin stone. Get a "collector's box" from Merri; combine the items; then give the result to Holly Longtail. Need to shuffle around rings between these five next.

Bloodskull : 50% XP. Bloody & Teddy are deep in the Paludal Caverns and can't just walk out, they need to fight their way out. Got them started, but had to log fairly quickly. Need to cross the bridge over the bandit lake and make my way to camp 1, and out. The ring will be worth the hassle.


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