About this blog

Email : cokeisit7@gmail.com

I started playing Everquest in December of 2003, and was surprised to discover the strong impulse to write down my experiences. To journalize what I was doing with each of my characters.   I did this throughout my entire – (do you call it this?) career – in both Everquest and Everquest 2.

Today, this blog is unfocused but unquestionably oriented around the games that I play.

A few biographical details – I like my privacy thus the username (Mr. X). I’m 43 and have two kids, 8 and 5. I’m an accountant.

Tagline origin :
This blog has been around for quite awhile now. I’ve done what I can to promote it, which included posting in the EQ2 Official Forums a lot. As I’m browsing the Mystic forums some fellow posts and asks who are the mystic players that are the best at what they do. Healing people in groups, keeping a raid going.

And he specifically wasn’t interested in “some uber questing mystic”.

I laughed so hard and knew, I finally had a tagline. Thanks bud !



  1. I am curios as to the location of the photo on your title page. I am a pilot and know this location, but cannot recall it. thanks, Ed

  2. Sorry Ed – that is a standard photo that comes with the theme, I have no idea where it is.

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