Posted by: mrrx | December 3, 2004

Goal Setting

What I want to do in December :
1 – Hammer to 55.
2 – Hatereaper to 40.
3 – Woundbane to 35. (Two levels basically, needs 10% for 33.)

That's quite enough, but what I'm thinking of with the other characters is :
Bloodskull/Littleoak to 30 and 25. Which one for each I'm not sure.
Plasmatic to 20.

Tholuxe Paells server, no real goals. I wonder if any of those three (Pally, rogue, ranger) will ever get above 10.

Torvonilious server – Level up Tezcatlipocca. Shaman are fun, but Tunare is more fun. Either that or go the 5-level thing with the gaggle of alts available on this server; Bonebank to 20, Misdirector to 15, Drumbanger to 10, Tooltwister to 5.


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