Posted by: mrrx | May 13, 2011

Levelling up those tanks

It’s been quite a while since a game got ahold of me like World of Tanks has.   Not exactly bloggable, but A TOTAL BLAST to play.   Every spare moment I’m jumping into another random PvP match.

Now this is me, the ardent anti-PVPer, gleefully trying to take out tons of random individuals, and I realize what they’ve done right : There’s no losses.   If I PvP in this game, my tank gets damaged.    The less damage, the less XP my crew gets, and the more credits it costs me.    Still, I am not going to lose big or feel any sense of setback from the losses, and victory is very sweetly rewarded with about 3x the credits and often, much more XP.

The game is fun, but the MMO elements are interesting too.    There is a “tech tree” of vehicles which you need to unlock, starting with the three free newb tanks available, one Soviet, one German, and one American.    I played each of these tanks for awhile, and managed to get each one to elite status.    They become elite when you have unlocked all of the upgrades available for the tank, from better engines to bigger guns.    Your first round in a new tank can feel awfully sluggish, but you persevere until all the upgrades are unlocked and it’s a ton of fun playing through.

After making elite status, you can purchase another tank, of a higher tier, with better firepower and armor.     So it’s a massive race to the top of the heap, trying to unlock and purchase the heavy tanks to just blast the enemy into tiny pieces.

But the real grind is the crew members.    Each starts with “basic training” giving them 50% skills, and according to some linear advancement path, they need a certain number of XP to gain a %, which rises with each % gained.    It’s strange – you have a mammoth grind here with the crew, and yet you can also simply decline to grind and buy the next level tank up.    Just hire a new crew and go out and have fun.

My stable of tanks at the moment includes :

The MS-1, newb Soviet tank, which is quite a bit of fun for being a beginner tank.    My crew members are at 77% and still grinding.

The BT-2, light Soviet tank, which runs at around 55km/hour and is great fun to zing along the battlefield in.

A Panzer Ausf, higher end light tank, which I ground through to elite status and am not sure if I want to keep.

Soviet AT-1 tank destroyer, quite a bit of fun and packs a wallop.    I paid for them to be trained up to 100%, and they now work on something called Secondary Skills.

German Marder II tank destroyer, quite a punch and range, and another tank I’m not sure I want to keep.

German Hetzer tank destroyer, just purchased, run perhaps 3 matches in it, and the only tank I haven’t yet achieved Elite status with.

You get six slots in your garage for vehicles, with the thought being that you sell tanks you do not want to play any longer to free up space (and you get 50% of their cost back).

Playing plan for the moment, includes reaching Elite status with the Hetzer, 1% a day crew XP with the MS-1, and deciding whether to keep or sell the Marder II.


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