Posted by: mrrx | May 2, 2011

Getting a handle on the changes

I’ve played the game quite a bit over the past week.   Here are the changes I’ve discovered :

  • Level progression is much faster
  • AA’s have been expanded quite a bit.
  • You may now choose whether your XP goes to AA, Leveling, or is split between the two.
  • Achievements !   Perfect for the stat hound such as myself, these include visits to locations in Norrath; Slayer titles; and of course, quests completed.
  • EQ2Players is apparently now a free service.   Tez is #7 Mystic quester on the Bazaar, even after three years pass.
  • There apparently are “missions” in game now.    I wasn’t able to discover anything further about them.   Sounds like a quest with a different name.
  • I can now own 10 houses.   You think it’s time I moved out of the starter inn room ?
  • All of my characters can sell items, up to six boxes worth.
  • Strength allowing you to carry boxes seems to be removed.   Everyone can just use boxes for inventory storage.
  • Every character ( At level 20) can now “research” spells, which apparently gets you to Master level spells at some point.


  1. Welcome back. Our little group is also just getting into EQ2. A repeat for me, but it is new to a couple of the team. We rolled up a fresh set of characters on the free to play EQ2 Extended server. We’ll see how that goes.

    The AA slider is really a nice feature, as the exp curve has been softened enough that 100% going into adventure experience levels you almost faster than you can complete the quests.

  2. Missions: Daily quests that involve going to particular dungeons (typically TSO and higher) for a reward of ‘tokens’. There are some for The Shadow Odyssey (this came with a lot of missions where the dungeons are located, in Commonlands (Befallen), Lavastorm, Everfrost and other places (I can’t remember them all off hand). There are also crafting versions for crafting missions that reward books and craft supplies.

    There are also “chronomancers” in game now. You can auto mentor to any level (by groups of 5) by visiting one in any of the major cities. There is a daily quest for these too, they send you to a specific dungeon to fight a boss, and you can then purchase a neat little plushie house item from the merchant.

  3. Chronomancers – interesting. Sounds like a way to pick up all those guild status quests which I overleveled and they became unavailable.

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