Posted by: mrrx | April 18, 2011

And right back in

It appears this blog will be about nothing besides Everquest 2.   After getting an email telling me “Your subscription is renewed” I find myself jumping back in to the game, and ready to offer impressions on the blog.

It’s apparently been THREE YEARS since I last played EQ2, and I had thoroughly forgotten how to stay alive in combat.   I went to battle immediately with a blue enemy and got soundly trounced.     Turned out, that was mostly because my AA’s were reset.   So after futzing for awhile with the hotbars, and selecting a ton of AA’s, I set out to a very high level zone, Kaladim, to check things out.

Kaladim has been nerfed.    It’s now a 30-ish level group zone, but with all of the same collections and presumably, the same quests as always, so I started running through and working the quests.    And I discovered something perfect for the achiever in me – Achievements.  (Ha ha made a funny).

Right there in your quest journal are now “meta quests” such as complete 2,000 quests; become a slayer of undead; kill ABC raid boss; and others.    So it appears that EQ2Players is no longer necessary, at least unless the idea of competition is the only game in town for you.

I also noticed once again, how utterly BEAUTIFUL the artwork in this game is.    Of all the games I’ve played recently, I still find myself popping into EQ2 with all the graphic art turned on, and being awed by both the frame rate and excellent game art.    It feels like a real world, just as it always did, but more so now that I’m another computer ahead of things.

I can already feel the pull to resubscribe and get back into the game.    Well, we’ll see.   In the meantime, I’m still looking for two golden dwarf steins.



  1. SO glad to see you’re back! For some reason my other comment didn’t get published so I’m re-posting it just in case. HUGS! And welcome.

  2. Was thinking about you ! Glad you’re still playing. How many houses do you own today ? 🙂

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