Posted by: mrrx | January 24, 2009


Dingoe : Ding 16, 35% XP.   As I write this, I spent several hours working on my expertises.    What this is, is a parallel levelling system for skills and passive bonuses.

expertiseEach time you use the various skills in the game, one of these has the potential to earn some “Points”, aka XP.      I managed to get attack and rush up over class 1, and I’m currently working on spin.

Attack is exactly what you’d expect – attack.   Rush is an attack that breaks an enemies blocking guard.    Spin is an AOE attack with the important component that it knocks enemies back, giving you enough time to get off your own attacks.    Each skill has 10 ranks, which then give way to classes.   Most of these seem to cap out at class 5.

As with most skill systems, you are limited in the amount of points you can accumulate – it’s 17,000 for levels 1-10, 18,000 for 11-20, et cetera.   The little red arrows delineate which skills I have selected to gain XP in.   What would be the point for a melee character to gain magic skills ?

And the obvious thing being, the more skills you have at X level, the more powerful you are.    Neglect the expertises at your peril – I kept getting Dingoe killed because of it.

Partly, the game gives you bad advice.    I understood from the tutorial that you could only work on one expertise at a time, and that was incorrect.    Just click the red arrows and it will all flow in.

For Saturday only, the devs decided to make it a double XP day, and I am earning expertise twice as fast as normal, as well as XP.    Mostly it’s about the expertise today though – I am blasting through everything in the lowbie zones, because expertise is dependent on using skills, unlike XP where higher level mobs give more points.

Combat in this game is very well done.    It’s a rock-paper-scissors system.    You can rush your enemy, unless he has set himself into counter stance.    You can attack him, unless he is in guard stance.    You can get killed by having two creatures attacking you at the same time because of this, but it’s a refreshing change for me versus a game where you use the same skills most of the time, switching them out only occasionally.


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