Posted by: mrrx | January 23, 2009

Demonic Day

Dingoe : 11% towards 16.    Tonight was spent working on his demon compendium.


What a neat idea – a bestiary for the game, woven into the game itself.    You have to acquire a memory chip for each one of the demons, which I’ve gotten so far as drops from mobs, or purchases from vendors or the bazaar.   Once you have one of those, you can summon the demon from your holding tank – that’s your wrist computer –  and it will add the appropriate entry to the compendium.

List of demons

List of demons

So there were two creatures I needed to add, and had the DC drops for.   This was Azumi and Garm.     Each one was created with the simple newbie monsters using the games “Demon Fusion” feature.

To create a new demon, you select two from the list above.     Based on their level and type, a new demon gets created according to some complex rule that I don’t understand yet.    But it’s very predictable, and by gathering two pixies, two hua po, and one kodama, I was able to build a Garm and an Azumi.

I have one remaining chip – for the Slime seen above.    The problem was I don’t know how to fuse one.    So instead, I went hunting for one and used the demon capturing system while doing a dungeon crawl.     Basically, you “talk” to the creature over and over and over, and one of a few different things will happen.

  • The demon disappears.
  • The demon turns into a chest.
  • It attacks you.
  • You recruit it into your wrist computer.

I was just about to hit the sack when I finally got a slime, then logged off immediately afterwards.

Now, though, I’m not content with just a single game.    Turns out Aeria Games has other MMO’s which I downloaded one of – Project Torque.     Now here’s an idea for an MMO I had never heard of.    It’s all about racing.     I managed to get the client installed and will have to check it out later.


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