Posted by: mrrx | January 20, 2009

Back to MMO’s ?

I have been into classic gaming for several months, hooked once again on Capitalism 2, and occasionally playing everything from Populous to Destruction Derby.     Then I get an email from Aeria Games about their open beta for a new game.

Now, Aeria Games, if you are unaware, is totally supported by item purchases.    You don’t want to pay ?   Then don’t pay !    What an irresistible lure for a cheapskate like me.    And then I find myself a bit surprised that the game is really top notch – very well put together.

It’s got an impossible name – Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.     Or Megaten.   I’m not sure which, to be honest.    From what I can gather Shin Megami Tensei describes the fantasy world, and Megaten is the specific installment.   Whatever, I’ve been playing this for several days now.  Dingoe is *this close* to reaching level 13.

Dingoe healing up

Dingoe healing up

The setting is Tokyo far in the future.    Somehow demons got into the world and there was a big nuclear war.     Now, people named “Demon Busters” can capture the demons and make them work for them.   Pikachu, I choose you !    Me, I’m having a blast messing around with the whole thing – maybe because I never played Pokemon.

It appears to have a very high level cap – other players tell me that it’s 90.    I know it’s at least 30 levels.    And it’s tailor made for blogging if you have trouble sitting down long enough to type – I keep on sitting down to regen HP, MP, and my demon’s HP & MP.    Time to write !



  1. The game is based on the Megami Tensei (“Goddess Resurrection”) series of games. MegaTen is an abbreviation. “Shin” means “New” and was added after they finished a plot and started another — the various games all tell bits of a broader story.

    It’s a decent game for sure!

  2. What is their RMT hook? Better equipment? Faster leveling? Cat-girl companions?

  3. Ahhh – Mega Ten. Thanks Tipa.

    Wilhelm, I believe the RMT encompasses almost everything in the game. Gold (macca), equipment (both for looks and for stats), demons, demon storage, bank storage, character slots etc.

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