Posted by: mrrx | January 25, 2008

Scurvy Dogs

Ay Carumba.    Still dealing with the new system at work, which occupies almost all my thinking time, leaving me little energy to blog.

Over the last week, I got into POTBS a few times and slapped some pirates around.    My boy, it turns out, loves the game.    (My daughter could care less)    I get him sitting in my lap and we talk about naughty pirates and he even calls them “scurvy dogs” in his best 4-year-old pirate voice.

Launch day I headed over to the station store, bought the game and got all my codes entered in.    Logged in and got patched, and was ready to play.      It went amazingly smooth – kudos Flying Labs !    And, for whatever reason, I had no energy to actually sit down and play.

I found myself instead returning to an awesome strategy single-player game, Hearts of Iron II Doomsday.      This is just the kind of thing, with immense detail and scope, that I loved messing with when I had the time for such things.    Apparently, it’s also good when I only have a little time – it has this handy feature that no MMO has managed to install.    It’s called the “Pause” button.

So until I’m bored with planting the German flag wherever I can, Pirates seems to be on hold.


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