Posted by: mrrx | January 16, 2008

Damnit ! I won the bidding for that ship !

Pirates of the Burning Sea is very, very good so far.

Angus McSwag, British naval officer, is currently level 11 and chasing various pirates around the safer areas. Upgraded his starter ship to a Dolphyn Ketch, giving much more firepower and a visually larger ship. It’s a bit harder to fight – the thing is so big it makes seeing the enemy harder.

Finished up all the quests in the Jenny Bay newb area, and am graduating to the starter area of greater Guyana. There are several ports in the area meant for newer players, with restricted/less/none (something like that) PVP action, which is great for this carebear. I moved on to Rossignol port and began working the quests available there.

Ian McSwag, level 8 freetrader, is a different story. I’m in a different place mentally right now due to incredible difficulty and pressure at work. I don’t have a lot in me to figure out “the economy” of the game. I have managed to determine a few things.

There are a large group (?30) of raw materials in the game, as contrasted with the ?15 different items at 8 tiers in Everquest. All but two of these materials require a building that costs at least 200 doubloons / week in order to produce; in EQ2 your only constraint is time gathering and luck picking up rares.     Oh, and a gold mine costs something like 1200 doubloons / week (!).

Most of the materials can be created at around a dozen items with stored labor per day which should translate to around 84 items at various prices starting at floor of maybe 6 doubloons. Average is probably around 8.

If you can sell all of that, that’s a decent income supplying raw material. There were thousands of each material for sale for the most part, leaving me wondering if nobody is actually buying the stuff. And 200 doubloons is, roughly, the loot gathered from sinking a pirate.

So which would you rather do ? Take risks with your money, hope for big returns, and make some raw material stations (which have substantial capital costs in addition to maintenance) in the hope of getting 700ish doubloons…………… or do you want to sink four pirates ?

The choice is clear for me.

Have I said how much fun blowing up pirates is yet ? What a blast to maneuver, deal with the wind, and try and sink two pirates at about my level. Takes forever, but it’s doable. I really love this game.

One other item of note – dealing with the auctioneer.

I bought the Dolphyn Ketch after poring over the available ships for sale. I had a whole bunch of gold, and apparently there isn’t that much that my cheapskate self can do with it other than invest in something that should make me more money and doesn’t go down in value – unless you get yourself sunk. EQ2 (back in the early days), I was always worried about box costs, repair costs and paying my rent; that’s simply not present in this game so far. So, why not. Let’s buy a better ship.

Each ship was going for 13000 doubloons according to the broker. Last price paid, going back several days, with the averages for the various areas being roughly the same thing. Like any cheapskate, I knew I had to underbid, the only question was by how much. So I put in 12000 doubloons.

And I bought it.

How completely disappointing. I overbid for the thing – quite possibly, immensely. Every other commodity I’ve tried to buy, like repair kits, I haven’t been able to get at the “going price”, and I started bidding for most of those at one doubloon. This one, however, might have had a really low price and I missed out on it. So my very first auction purchase I “got screwed” on.

Now, you might ask how I got screwed. I got the price I bid for it. But I could have gotten it at a lower price. Nothing annoys me more than paying too much for something. I would sit and watch the broker in EQ2 for weeks before making a purchase, to say nothing of the time spent looking for the supremely high-cost items. The system here discourages you from doing that, given the mysterious “last price paid” and the lack of other information.

Lesson learned. The business game in Pirates is very much a PvP affair; it’s actually possible to really gank someone hard and I might have been ganked right there. Sure feels like it.

12,000 doubloons is sixty pirates. Time to start sinking them again.



  1. Heh. Glad to see you enjoying the game. I’m starting to have a good time too.

    The same thing happened to me buying an upgrade for my privateer. I went to the AH, saw a nice Heavy Mediator Cutter in the AH, looked at the regional price and decided I’d start very low and nudge up until I hit my own pain point.

    So I picked what i thought was an unreasonably low price on a lark and !poof! I’m a proud owner of a new ship!

    And of course, my first thought was DANG! I paid too much…lol. Even though it was clearly 30% or 40% lower than regional average…

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Patriarch.

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