Posted by: mrrx | January 9, 2008

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum !

Yaaarrrr !     Last night I took a break from work stress long enough to log into Pirates for the first time.     I had previously looked at the list of server names, noted a lack of consensus among the blogger community about where to play, and decided to just pick Bonny as my server.     Bonny – An auld Scottish word meaning beautiful or great.     Couldn’t pass that one up really.

I created a British Freetrader, figuring that one thing I really want to get into is the economic game, and also realizing that with a level 21 cap until the “final go-live” I don’t want to be hitting the cap and getting discouraged ala my LOTRO experience.

Still, last night was just spent doing a few of the easy newb missions and reaching level 5.     First mission I did was one of my favorites from beta – you need to find three crates of rum for the bartender in Jenny Bay.     You enter the instance and there’s a bunch of pirates floating about grabbing the rum – ie, not aggro.     Once I grabbed my first cask, they decided to come after me in earnest.

Tacking back and forth, dodging pirate cannonballs, and taking down around eight level one pirates was an absolute blast!     I sank a couple of them, some of them abandoned ship and got out of the fight, knocked down masts on two others, and grappled most of them and boarded each ship.      I haven’t quite got it down yet, but I think I get a bunch of doubloons if I board, versus just sinking another ship.

The boarding combat is a bit crazy – I spent time mashing buttons, trying to get whatever pirate I was targeted on off balance and ready for a finishing stroke.    The combat works by this initiative and balance concept – the other guy starts off with a colored circle around his feet, green, and various things that you and he do will change the color to yellow and finally red, with some shades in between.    When he’s down to a sufficiently bad color, you let him have it with damaging attacks and down he goes.

But like I said, I mostly mashed buttons.   I don’t have a lot of skills but I practiced a bit with them, trying to knock the guys down in initiative, but found them falling down dead instead.     Heh – that works too.

Finished up maybe five missions and ended at level 5.     Ready to start the economy tutorial.     Sitting pretty in my newb ship with maybe 1,000 doubloons and looking forward to exploring the game thoroughly.

So that meant…….. time to decide what to do about subscriptions.     I cancelled my EQ2 subscription after a moment of thought.     I’m just not going to lock myself into $30 / month subs with Station Access; I’ll subscribe to whatever game is striking my fancy, singly, instead, for a mere $15.     Cancelling was not an ordeal – just hit the button, and it’s done.    No required questionaire about “Why are you leaving” this time, just a password confirmation.

Too bad.    The idea of Station Access is a good one, given the number of titles Sony owns now and has put under one billing umbrella.   The cost is just waaaayyy too high, and it has increased an incredible 50% or so since its introduction.



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