Posted by: mrrx | January 8, 2008

Horses Online

The only gaming I managed last night was patching Pirates of the Burning Sea. I’ll have time to log in tonight I hope.

So I’ve been checking out gaming for my kids, as my daughter begins to seem more interested in playing computer games. (My boy ? Pfffft. Hot Wheels and Playhouse Disney FTW !) She is a horse fanatic, so I’ve been dabbling in the pony possibilities out there and hit a few interesting things.


I got this one off of a Google mail ad. Howrse is apparently all about raising a horse. Not just the raising of it, but also training it, getting it to run races, and also running your own breeding farm and employing others to keep it going.

It works by limiting time spent in a particular day; as the real life days pass, you get another “Howrse-day” to play through the game; each day is two months of game time. I haven’t yet shown my daughter – will she like it ? Not sure, but it’s the closest thing I got to a horse game.


We got her Bella Sara cards for Christmas, and she likes that. I misunderstood what it was – I’m thinking it’s a collectible card game ala Magic and Yu Gi Oh. But the Bella Sara cards don’t have a serious game involved, they are mostly used for collecting something that actually exists in meatspace, along with the code #’s printed on each one.

All you have to do is go to the website, put in the code, and you can care for your virtual horse online. Check out the three bars they have to manage. She has a whole stable of these things, complete with cutsey music and “positive messages”.

Webkinz, which I tried to get her interested in, requires purchasing a $15 stuffed horse and she just didn’t want another horse. “Can I buy more Bella Sara cards instead ?”

It’s an interesting world out there for my kids, with the games they put out for them to enjoy, and it’s *very* strange being a little girl’s dad and trying out these things.



  1. When I bought some Webkinz for my niece back around Thanksgiving (for Christmas), they asked the age of the child I was buying them for. I was crushed. Is it so wrong for an adult to play Webkinz?

    Apparently it is…

    • what is the game called

  2. Hey, no worries about howrse! Howrse is an amazing game. It has changed a bit though from the picture. They’ll keep people safe, so no worries! =D

  3. Howrse Is A Really Good Game. Once You Get Used To It. x

  4. i an on howrse almost every day once u get the hang of it it is tons of fun i was just looking in a magazine and i saw an ad in it when i started i was a little confused but really your daughter will love it and if she needs any help she can private message me any time my user name is mirkat999

  5. A great horse game that I play is called horseisle. It is a 2D color “horse world” where you can own horses, train, compete, mine diamonds to sell (you need to use your brain for this 😛 Math), do quests, and chat with fellow horse lovers. I absolutely love it. This is from the game as I do not know quite how to explain it; You have 360 minutes of playtime available. As a non-subscriber you get 1 additional minute every 8 minutes. <– This is for someone w/out a subscription. You CAN buy a sub {1 month ($5) and 1 year ($40)} The sub gives you unlimited time and the choice to buy a ranch so that you can have more horses and cheaper training. Also if you are worried about the time your daughter will/would spend on it you can e-mail the administrators/creators of the game and ask for example to limit your child’s playtime to 1 hour. This would allow your daughter only 1 hour of playtime a day.

  6. ^.^ The website for horseisle is
    Howrse is a great game though! If you buy passes (which are expensive if you don’t buy ones during the holiday or when they are on discount) then I think it makes the game better xD
    Although horseisle “supports” chatting and has it, bad words, inappropriate topics, and rudeness etc are not allowed. There are mods (moderators) on the game, who can ban, mute, and “talk to” players who don’t behave appropriately.

    this is good homepage…
    does anybody know some january codes on howrse? plz tell me!!!
    This is my favourite homepage 😀
    i wanna codes of this game!!!

  8. Howrse is a great game, yes things have changed but it’s strill fun, and I enjoy it. I’m tazz99 on their, if your Daughter needs anything, I’m tazz99, and she can always drop me a pm!

  9. I love howrse i play it every day it gets a bit complicated but i recommend it

    i am 13 and have been playing it for about a year
    if your daughter decides to join my account name is heavenily when you start it gives instructions on how to play

  10. howrse is very cool and updated now.It is a ery well used and liked website, and has changed so much for the picture you put up. The graphicsare very nice, now,.

  11. i am char99 on there so drop me a pm if you need help with anything.

  12. I play on howrse and I love it! I play as ponyluva12, feel free to PM me!

  13. I definitely recommend Howrse. It’s one of those games which you can really stuck into and play seriously and think about the genetics and mechanics of it or you can just have a bit of a splash and name your horses pretty names like Strawberry Fairy or whatever.

  14. Howrse is awsome,your daughter will love it.

  15. Hi !!!! i love bellasara!!! its a fun game, and there ARE codes that are reuseable!!!!!! i have a website that u can get reusable codes at!!! and please chat, or leave a marking in the guestbook! I also need lots of bellasara accounts, and bellasara codes!!! so please help me with this! My email is if u want to donate to my site please, and my website is thanks alot!!

  16. what do they mean by press number?

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  21. I’ like horses games.

  22. Good luck! I am a teen and I love howrse! Its very fun and realistic. Ever since they changed it up its become super safe for kids.
    Bella Sara is great also. The only problem I have is that I didnt want to spend money on the cards and other products…therefore I never did really well in the game.
    However, my all time favorite horse game is Its a 3D game that you can buy horses on, show them, and even ride them. You control the horses with the keyboard and its very lifelike. It has a free version on top of one that cost money. I play the free version and its great! Since there is a 3D world that you can play in, there is one especially for kids 12 and under. Here they cannot be contacted by other players to ensure safty. Like i said, its an amazing game and if your little girl is into riding horses, this is perfect 🙂 Its the best horse game ever!

    Good luck!

  23. Howrse – one of the best games, but if she likes take care of her horse, like in bella sara – check Club Pony Pals also great game

  24. Howrse is an amazing game so is riding club championships

  25. yes i have played on howrse! its an awesome game i am bananas3. its fun but beware its very addicting and i have found myself going on for hours and hours at a time! :O

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