Posted by: mrrx | January 7, 2008

Sorry – Real Life Stress

Have you ever had *all* the responsibility for something difficult ?   The only thing that could make things worse would be, also having *No* control or ability to work on the difficult task.

Yeah, that’s where I’m at with my ERP project.

Seven days into the new system, we didn’t test, and now we’re late with the interface and all the back-office tasks that I need to get done.    God help me.

I’m terrified about the whole thing.     So instead of thinking of something fun today (Pirates of the Burning Sea is going LIVE!) I get to sit at my desk and wait for the hammer to drop.

I had to imagine up a metaphor for the whole thing.    It’s a bit crude, but it’s very apt.

The new ERP system is, a person taking a dump.      The interface I’m waiting for is the shit.   What else can you call it ?   We didn’t bother to test, and all anybody is worried about is what goes on in that ERP system.    My part is looked down on because it’s not as important, which led to it not getting tested at all.

I need to keep the person from getting constipated – that is, keep the shit from getting stuck before it gets out of the new system.     There are many possible problems with the data that could happen; I don’t expect any of them to, but I shouldn’t have to be worrying about this at go live – that’s why you are supposed to TEST !       Any constipation is a big, dangerous roadblock that’s going to hurt a lot.

I have to get the shit into my system, the accounting system, which is the toilet bowl.    Talk about apt – who cares about the accounting other than those damned accountants ?   Screw em, let them clean up the mess after *my important system* gets its thing done. And my biggest personal role is as the toilet paper, cleaning up after whatever happens with the interface and making everything look SHINY and CLEAN.

Am I able to share these concerns with the project team ?   No.    We have a strange phenomenon going on, whereby if you are working on getting the system to function, and you don’t say that everything is fine, you are a *troublemaker* and get branded accordingly.    So I have to keep my mouth shut.     And really, who talks about taking a shit anyway ?    That’s gross, just do it and be quiet pal.

So I’m a little stressed.  The worst part is the waiting, which is why I’m posting this.    God, it feels good to at least get that talked about, even if only in a blog post.



  1. *hugs*

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