Posted by: mrrx | January 4, 2008

Too many deaths

Tezcatlipocca : 25% XP. Guildies cheered me up with words of encouragement about the blog tonight. Which got me motivated to go back out and knock more quests down.

First one I worked on required killing Taskmaster Orthiss. Now, this is an iksar near Dalnir’s wheel, and she has two watchmen nearby her that aggro if you just walk up and start hacking. Death #1. If you try to clear the nearby watchmen, you have to time it so wandering patrols don’t catch you in the act of slapping them around. Death #2.

You also respawn all the way back down at the end of the river, and need to take care that as you run back, no matter how fast you are, you have to watch out in case they repop as you are trying to clear one or the other. Death #3. Remember, too, that while timing the repops you also have to time the patrols. You didn’t forget that did you ? Death #4.

The crowning insult is the sudden and random attack by my pet ghost dog, deciding he could take out three watchmen, and when he’s wrong he gets me killed, #5. Sheesh. This is one expensive quest to finish. But ultimately managed to take out the taskmaster.

Next I had to kill the Cookie Monster. There’s an iksar at the Wheel who dumps the old food in a garbage pile, which apparently spawned a monster. The Sesame Street allusion is pretty funny for me, at least. I did discover that a blue ^^ is too hard for me to fight alone – Death #6. Fortunately for me, there was a group that showed up and decided to fight the thing, and I got in on it for the kill.

And didn’t get an update.

The Cookie Monster drops an ornate chest, with something gross inside that’s tagged as being required for the lunchpail quest.    The tag is wrong – the “discarded food” is actually needed for Cookie’s Monster.     We killed the thing several times because everybody kept rolling on the food (Hey, it must be valuable right?    It’s in an Ornate Chest!), and finally when I got the food I got my update.

Afterward we crawled through a canyon on the far side of Sebilis, until the group broke up.   I finished up the night by killing skeletons and destroying supplies for sokokar trainers before logging off.


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