Posted by: mrrx | December 30, 2007

Feel the Hate

Camaxtli : Ding 30 weaponsmith. This, I knew I could accomplish with 700 carbonites banked. I moved all the T3 harvests to my only remaining tradeskiller Ometochtli for eventual work on levelling to 30.

But the whole project took a lot out of me. My armorer will come later. I think, if the EQ2 team has some smarts, they would switch to a Vanguard type system where if you simply want to level up, your raws are provided for you. You select a work order or rush order, and once you get the order from the desk, all the raws needed are provided to you. Because really, it’s not that much fun to harvest as strenuously as I did.

Even worse, there’s no guarantee I’m done 😦 .

Tezcatlipocca : 42% XP or so. I continued to ping-pong between factions and help everybody continue to hate each other inside of the Kunzar Jungle.

Is this what a good character should really be doing ? I entered the city of Jinsk, my best friends in the jungle, and started killing civilians and sentries just to satisfy the quest requirements for the Renegades. Ugh.

Took on the four KJ writs available.     Only certain stonegazers qualified – those next to the shackle monks.      Only certain chokidai qualified – the ones high up on a ridge that I would never have found without the EQ2maps dot.     It was a bit strange, especially since other quests would allow you to update on the very same mobs.

On the one hand, I help out the renegades by killing Jinsk citizens, and on the other, I kill all of his sentries then tell him to get lost.    It’s a bit weird to be threatening an NPC one minute and the next be his best buddy.    The good news is, it’s not boring, it’s interesting, even if on one level it makes no sense.

Won some faction, lost some, and continued the quest to get more and more faction with everybody, but it got really late.

Quest update : 1,976 quests.      (That was a good year)    This should put me at #11 on the server if the other guy has added very few quests – he has 1,949.


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