Posted by: mrrx | December 29, 2007

Great Pirates Coverage

Wow !    Saylah from Mystic Worlds has been playing a fair amount in the Pirates beta and posted some very detailed thoughts about the game.     I find myself pretty much in agreement with her, except my playstyle tends to let me rate the game higher.

Then none other than Flying Labs CEO Russ Williams pipes in and posts some very detailed comments and thoughts about her impressions and what it is that he’s trying to accomplish.

This game keeps looking better and better.     For once, all that time ago when I picked this one for future play, I seem to have picked a winner.     The cutting comment comes from Russ who tells us what they really needed to get working –  we picked sailing combat, Organic PvP, and the Economy as our star systems. Those have to be great.

  • Sailing Combat – Check.    This is a total blast.    There’s an exciting mix here of personal player skill and tactics, along with equipment and hardware, that kept me blasting ships over and over and over.     Are you too low level ?    Keep the other guy in the dead area of the wind and knock him down slowly.    Need a little extra punch ?   Use the varied ammunition to kill the crew, take out the sails, or for extra sinking power.
  • Organic PvP – All reports are this works well.    I haven’t participated, but I might at some point.    What can I say, I’m a carebear.    Still, I might be able to help draw ports into contention which would be my contribution to the larger game, and I’m looking forward to that idea; you do that via NPC battles.
  • Economy – Warning……. I remain worried that they simply made it too complicated and give too little information to the player.     This will be a big draw once I start playing for real, figuring this whole thing out, and taking the advice of others to play a free trader for money, and a pirate/naval officer for combat.

The key dates are getting closer – 1/7/2008 for pre-order play to begin; 1/22/2008 for final go live.     I just wish I had time to play EQ2 and Pirates at the same time !


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