Posted by: mrrx | December 29, 2007

Carbonite Cluster*&#@ Round 2


It’s amazing how spending hours harvesting can make you want to scream like Captain Kirk.

I also managed to get a good idea of the worth of the various nodes.

  1. Ores – Grab every one as quickly as possible.
  2. Shinies – You never know what useful thing will come up.
  3. Roots – You use lots of em and they sell well.
  4. Logs – Surprisingly sellable, and useful in small amounts.
  5. Dens – The pelts come in handy.
  6. Bushes – Feeding time Duggin !
  7. Windswepts – just ignore the useless things.

It also gives you a perspective on the difficulties faced by the devs in “fixing” harvesting.

At release –

“Augghhh ! There’s nothing but fish nodes left! We don’t want any fish!”

Devs separate the fish node spawns from the “land” spawns.

Soon afterwards –

“Auggghhh ! There’s nothing but fungus nodes ! Only alkies use em – get rid of them !”

Devs remove fungus nodes from the game.

Recently –

“Auggghhh ! There’s nothing but bushes and dens left ! We don’t want food !”

Devs add the Duggin quest.


One carbonite and 6 useless stone nodes.

Today –

MrrX : “Augggghh! There’s nothing but stupid windswept stones left !”

You know, I don’t think they can actually win that battle.

When it was all said and done, I managed to gather 700 carbonite before the day was up, along with multiple piles of related harvests. None of the rest of them matter really, compared to the value of carbonite.



  1. lol @ shatner 🙂

  2. On AB, especially in Thundering Stepps, all I see, over and over. Is wood. Lots. And Lots. Of wood.

    I love the new quests for dishes, but now there’s no food nodes left at all, and all the other stuff is left up!

  3. That’s weird. Wood sells on the Bazaar.

    The idea that there is **no food** is just hard to believe ! Aren’t there a ton of dweebs selling the food raws for 2 coppers ?

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