Posted by: mrrx | December 27, 2007

Carbonite Cluster*#$!

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 76, 10% XP.     Got a better handle on the Kunzar Jungle quest lines.     Helped out a teenage Iksar, let him prove himself as a warrior, and then got to the point where he asked me to craft a trophy for him.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal at all does it ?    But to craft it, I needed two Deklium girdles, on sale for the low low price of 36gp each.    I surprised myself by buying them up.   Don’t want to get stuck in a quest line now do I ?

Also found myself helping multiple factions in Kunzar.    The City of Jinsk hates the villagers and the Sarnak.    The villagers hate the City of Jinsk.    The Sarnak hate the City of Jinsk.    Each step seems to require you to kill someone whom you are working on building up faction with.     So far, I’ve managed to stay non-KOS with everybody.

Completed two collection quests, and am looking for page 2 of the “We will be free again” book; it must be around Jinsk somewhere.     Was very pleased to get multiple items of two harvests needed for Kunark Expert.     If I ever seriously work on finishing that, I’ll need to harvest everything I’m sure.

No EQ2Players update.    Did I make #11 on quests ?    The suspense is killing me !

Chalchitlicue : Ding 30 tailor.     Got started again on the tradeskill project, and in short order (one writ) had # 1 of 3 alts up to level 30.     Shouldn’t be too hard to get another up to 30 now should it ?

Camaxtli : Ding 27 weaponsmith.     Jeez !    I had literally hundreds of carbonite clusters, and I still ran out of them before I even ran out of **VITALITY**.     Dev people, something is wrong there.    Very wrong.

So I checked the broker prices on all the T3 stuff I had, other than carbonite.     The results were encouraging for everything except for soft metals – rough agate is absolute junk, and gold clusters might sell for a little bit if around 100 of the cheaper ones get bought up first.    This meant it was time to start ignoring windswept stones and gather every other item.

Severed ash was a surprise – it sells highest of all other items, other than carbonite which is a plat maker.     Then again, I might need ash for my armorer; I don’t need it for my weaponsmith, that I’m sure of.

I’m actually at the point that I’d pay 1s per carbonite – that’s 2 gold for a full stack.     Doesn’t help me much, the low price is 15s, ie, 30 gold for a stack.      If it’s that expensive at T3, T4 must be a nightmare.

Time for Tlaloc to do some more gathering.



  1. Weaponsmiths do actually use a few pieces of wood (if I recall correctly) for the hilts of some weapons – It’s been a while since Goudia has hit 60 in that trade though, so I don’t quite remember.

    As for the carbonite (and metal in general) issue – I FEEL YOUR PAIN. My little armorer is sitting at level 30 (maybe it’s 35?) and the metals are very expensive.

  2. Ya every single tier the metal seems to be extreamly exensive. I have gotten use to going out and harvesting every type of nood in an area for 2 hour straight so i could get just a few of the metal

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