Posted by: mrrx | December 25, 2007

Merry Pirate Christmas


Looks like I’m commited now.

Christmas at the X household.    My boy got the Smash-Up cars, my daughter got Littlest Pets……… and I got the Pirates of the Burning Sea pre-order.     It was either that or LOTRO, or a new tie; and I just don’t see the time appearing to allow playing LOTRO.    I have plenty of ties too.

The techie gals out there will be underwhelmed, but I got my wife a wireless router.    She is really happy.    I don’t want or need wireless, but she wants nothing more than to do work while sitting on the living room couch, no desk nearby.    Now, she can – if she’s nice and I let her borrow my laptop.

Apparently I have to buy the full version of POTBS, then use multiple keys to get going.    January 7th, I can start the pre-boarding party, aka the “go-live day for people who buy preorders and other favorites of the Flying Labs developers”.     The pre-boarding party key, the landing party key, and finally a launch key will all be needed to get me started.   The included CD is audio only.

Pre-orders are kind of funny.    She got this at Fry’s for $5.     Now me getting into Fry’s is a difficult proposition, so I’m mostly thinking I will buy a digital download once it’s available and just consider the extra $5 lost money.     Waiting in a noontime Fry’s line, eating a twinkie instead of lunch, and still getting back to work late, is not worth $5 even for this cheapskate.     I just hope if I do that it’ll all work correctly.


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