Posted by: mrrx | December 24, 2007

Harvest 1000 Ways


Spent an awful lot of time harvesting

Tlaloc : Ding 33.     Spent endless hours harvesting everything he could in that stretch of the Dead River from the docks over towards the griffin fields.    Despite avoiding every aggro mob possible, he still managed to knock off the 100 undead needed for the Axe From The Past hq.    Didn’t try to progress that further as the next step is a one-hour timed one.

He got a lot of stuff.     Over 200 of most of the resources, including, oddly enough, more carbonite clusters than loam.    That was welcome.     Finished Duggin’s quest around ten times (!) digging up all this stuff, which will surely have helped him in the race to ?53? provisioner.

Shuffled things around between alts and got ready for more tradeskilling, then it was Tez’s turn.

Tezcatlipocca : 50% XP.    I bit the bullet.    It was a quiet evening at the house and I wouldn’t get interrupted.    So I headed off to the Mines of Nurga and began the long slow crawl through to pick up the gems from the twelve boxes.

I got halfway through without incident.     Had a couple of trains run past me and I killed my pet to avoid any new incidents of “sudden aggro”.    But next thing I see is a group of five running in and tramping past me.    They went ahead and crawled into the room with Grizzik in it.

I’m thinking, this is great !     I’ll walk along behind them and pick up the last chests !    And I proceeded to do just that.    I mean, a group of five guys tear through that content.    And I don’t really care that they’re taking the mobs I was going to crawl through.

Ready to call out, I target the group leader and /bow.   Thanks for clearing the way for me.

Fuck you.


Heh, whatever, I was serious.

Next time clear your own fucking path bitch.

Yeah, OK then.     You come in and ignore me, kill all the mobs I was working my way through, and throw that out at me.

I shouldn’t have let it bother me, but it did.    Haven’t seen a ruder player in my MMO career.     (Stargrace thought this guy was bad !)    Rude, stupid, anonymous, and sociopathic is no way to go through life pal.     I got a vindictively good feeling when I see him /shouting later “Spawn Already Bitch!”.     Guess whatever they were after didn’t show up for awhile.

After calling and doing banking etc, finished up the rest of the Burynai quests.     Got into a duo/trio while I was whacking Burynai – a bruiser with his healer in tow.     We spent an enjoyable time finishing up the last quests in Fens – other than the Burynai trading quest.   Apparently you need a 30,000 faction level to finish it, and the quests got me up to 6k or so.    That’s a lot of +500 faction quests or mobs to grind right there.

And so, with Fens complete and a willing partner, I headed off into the Kunzar Jungle and got a taste of the zone.     Not enough to get a real impression; I was being raced around by a level 78 who clearly knew exactly where to go, and must have been working it for the benefit of his autofollowed healer.    Everybody and everything hated me, and after hitting several heavy faction quests it was amazingly late and time to log off.


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