Posted by: mrrx | December 22, 2007

Dual Game Crafting

Began the evening in Vanguard, said a quick hello to Stargrace, and tried out some crafting.

Vanguard crafting appears to be heavily skill dependent.   I got a work order to make three clay plates, and promptly failed to make a single one.     Skill points increased like firecrackers going off – “Your skill in whatever-it-was increased to 2!” – so I went ahead and tried a second work order.

Better success this time – managed to make the three items with B, C and D grade.  Apparently you don’t get any XP for D grade work, but it does increase your skills and give you a tiny bit of coin.    I learned to make sure I had plenty of solvent available too, as I ran out on one recipe which meant I couldn’t finish.

I seem to remember that there was a way to switch toolbelts during crafting.    Your toolbelts hold needed tools for the crafting process, and if complications arise while crafting you use a variety of tools or consumables to keep the process on track.    But despite buying a group of tools and a second tool belt, I couldn’t switch my toolbelt.     So I ended up ignoring nearly every complication and just plowing ahead in crafting.

It seemed to work out – I took some quality hits but got the hang of things finally, making A and B grade items for several work orders and dinging level 5.     Maybe I just need to buy bigger toolbelts.   But why then, are there three slots for them ?

Logged off Vanguard for the night to do Everquest 2 crafting.     Chalchitlicue managed to ding 29 tailor, and put a bunch of armor up for sale.     She even sold a few pieces.    What a strange, strange thing – to actually **sell** the crafting processes results !     People really buy them !     I swear, absolutely nobody ever bought my potions, but tailor and carpenter items get purchased.     Also had Huehueteotl bang away, creating more boxes for the alt army and dinging 36 carpenter in the process.

With that, it was clear that my 300-point harvesting plan (had originally grabbed about that many of each harvest) was not going to be enough to level everyone to 30.    Even Chalchitlicue would be lucky to hit 30 given the low level of items left in the communal T3 storage box.    So, off went Tez to get another quest ding and bring in the stuff for his lowbie alts.

Duggin’s quest is very helpful at this stage, as I need no T3 food harvests with a 50-something provisioner.    He ran up and down that Dead River in the Thundering Steppes, picking up the quest ding easily and finishing two more rounds before sleep claimed me for the night.    Not nearly enough harvests either, so I’ll want to have either Tez or someone else continue the harvesting.

EQ2players updated partially – it’s a miracle !    Tezcatlipocca now has 1,940 quests completed.     He might have enough to hit #12 on the server, but I think it’s more likely that Borgman (whom I’m chasing) completed at least a few to hang onto his spot.    We’ll just have to see, when and if server boards update.     And this also gives me the motivation to keep the quest race alive …………….



  1. There is a way to switch tool belts. On your crafting UI, there’s a button that says “tool belt” when you click it, below your crafting UI, you’ll see three tool belt icons (implying the three tool belts you have filled with stuff) clicking on one, switches the active belt (shown with a green check mark) over to the other tool belt. It costs points (35?) to switch belts. So it’s always a safe bet to check the recipe before you start, and make sure you have at least the two main tools on your main belt. . . Make sense?

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