Posted by: mrrx | December 21, 2007

Tailoring, and Musings on Multiple Games

Chalchitlicue : Ding 27 tailor.     Did the recipes for each tier, which was enough by itself to ding her to 25.     Writs and the level 25 recipes brought her up to 26, where I got a surprise.    Tailors make hex dolls.    I wasn’t aware of that, thought that was woodworkers.     Didn’t manage to make any this go-around however, Tez has all the sparkling material.

After several writs to round out the XP gains, she dinged 27 and promptly ran out of roots.  That set off a furious round of switching between alts.     Got most of the odd stuff I was trying to transfer around moved, and found more T3 harvests including almost 200 belladonna roots.    The only character not finished banking was Tez.

Made several boxes with Huehueteotl and even managed to sell two furniture items.    Well that was cool and unexpected; my experience trying to sell potions made me think I’d never sell a tradeskill item on the broker.    Had him make three more of each item and put them up for sale.     And logged for the night.

I did my research on the more important changes for a lowbie in Vanguard.

I found out what they have changed for diplomacy – there are no more skill points, instead it’s a straight level-based system. So if I’m a level 5 diplomat, I could get good XP by doing parleys with an NPC with a “5” by his parley.    I’m glad they did that – it was confusing with the whole skill points, and yet earning XP, thing that was going on.   Faction adjustments are still in there as well.

Skimming the patch notes, they’ve obviously made a big effort to improve combat. I can see the improvement. Bushfire had no impossible difficulties and actually only died once – because I forgot to hit the sprint button. Not that I tried any really difficult challenges, but still. I remember the combat being significantly harder and more frustrating.

The question when it comes to game time at the moment is opportunity cost.     That’s an economic concept meant to illustrate what would be the most profitable use of your time.    Even with a free Vanguard subscription, there’s still the cost of *not* playing and advancing in EQ2 if I’m playing Vanguard.    I didn’t want to give that up last night at least.

It does get me thinking about trying to play multiple games again.    If I end up with (in any flavor, including free) multiple subscriptions, it starts to fracture my play time, which would result in less advancement.     One thing I have figured out about MMO’s – I’m an Achiever, not a Killer Socializer or Explorer.     The simplest and most likely gaming for me is to stick with Everquest2 until I’ve met my goals:

  • Six characters at 80/80
  • Tezcatlipocca has finished every quest in the game
  • Huehueteotl is a “Destroyer” of everything
  • I have a true mountain of plat hoarded (currently just 150)

This doesn’t even count the Test server and Europe too, which could give me the ability to play all 24 classes to 70.      Somehow, I think that would keep me busy for more than two years, during which time more expansions would come out and lengthen the time required to meet these goals in the first place.

Unless it gets boring or frustrating.   EQ2 could lose me on that – especially if they can’t get EQ2players to update.    Today, once again, it’s not updated.     Given past practice, it literally might not be updated more than weekly ever again!



  1. You need try crafting at Vanguard…. I see that you are trying crafting at EQ2, can be a good experience to compare both crafting systems.

  2. As a heads up, I mailed you some bags in VG (speaking of crafting) I wanted to take advantage of the bonus exp before it poofts.

    With two level 80 characters, and 3 level 80 crafters (in EQII) as well as multiple characters still sitting at 70… I’m just plain bored.

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