Posted by: mrrx | December 21, 2007

But….. where will I get my heartbreaking news from ?

Wow.   That’s sad.

I have been reading news for years.     They’ve been a great source of information about the notorious and sad, spectacularly awful and silly things happening in the world of criminal activity.     And apparently, they’ve gotten cancelled for not being in the core business of “getting people to watch the network”.

Something weird happened seven years ago, when my daughter was born.      I want to protect my kids so much, and I found myself drawn to all these heartbreaking stories of babies being killed by scumbags.    Partly you’re relieved your own kids are safe, when you read this stuff.    Partly, you want the low lifes to get what’s coming to them.    Partly, you’re sad that precious children who did things like your own kids do, are no longer around or are irreparably harmed.

Now I’m not going to get any of that anymore, and I’m pissed.    Fuck you to whatever dickhead executive made that decision.     You’ve got an absolutely unique and awesome website and you’re shutting it down ?     Rot in hell.   Merry Fucking Christmas.    God, I’m pissed.



  1. It’s probably best that they just stop doing it, rather than turning it into a teaser-site demanding “watch TV later!” non-stop.

    It’s really difficult to believe they couldn’t utilize their web site to support their network, so that makes me think there’s gotta be more to it.


    The writer’s strike is over being paid for web content, and real quick-like after the first of the year, they are going to be paid for web content… so…

    Could be it was more a problem of it not being in the core business of the network getting it for free.

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