Posted by: mrrx | December 19, 2007

Candles and Boxes

Huehueteotl : Ding 35 carpenter, 40% xp.    Made a ton of white holiday candles, gave them away to guildies and put them up for sale.     They were popular.    So popular, I made note of the red and green candles you can make at lower levels and thought about making some of those.

I only thought about it mind you.     The real goal was to make useful boxes.

After dinging 34, I was pleasantly surprised to see feyiron in the guild bank, which I snagged and commenced doing writs, along with making one of each item in my recipe book.    It only took two writs and a few more holiday candles to ding 35.

Briarwood strong boxes are 20 slots each, finally getting useful boxes if not perfect ones.    Huey made two for himself and put the other furniture up for sale on the broker.      Now he’s got a good activity, namely, making boxes for the rest of my alt army.     But that would have to wait for another day.

Tez took the night off.      Getting less motivation to play him anyway – EQ2players is still down.     That’s really ruining the quest racing fun.

But I did also hear about the free Vanguard “come back and check us out” play until January 20th, downloaded and installed the game overnight and will probably check it out.     Any particular server the blog community is playing on ?



  1. I’m playing on uh.. some server that starts with an S… it was a merge of 4 other servers, one of them being the original Rp server (there are no rp servers now.. in fact, there are only 4 servers total…. ) if you’re going to play from time to time let me know! I’d love to come stalk– er.. play with you!

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