Posted by: mrrx | December 16, 2007

Sucking Up to Goblins

Tezcatlipocca : 98% XP.

Went ahead and tried to solo the Riliss arena.    That was a bad idea.     After reviving and rebuffing, I went ahead and got started on my longtime activity, killing Ya Lei, and managed to find my skin at last.    Still need a tooth; those aren’t too pricy on the broker at least.    I only have less that 200 per the hunter board anyway, would be nice to end up with my title, so I might continue to hunt them.    Plus I could use the faction.

And with Riliss quests completed, mostly, began work on the Drogans.    Well, one Drogan – the tinkerer.    First had to get tools from tinkersmashers, which led to clearing one small camp outside the main mines, and working my way through the camps outside the mine entrance.   The goblins spawn pretty fast, which makes things a bit more difficult.    Otherwise, this is a great place to solo.    While you heal up after a fight there are usually things to harvest nearby.    Solo pulls are easy if you remember to use proximity aggro.     I knocked out my tinkersmashers and headed back.

Next, he asks me to grab discarded parts.    I had seen these while killing the smashers, and wondered what they were for.    Stupid goblin – can’t you ask for both while I’m out there ?   Went ahead and fought my way through the camps again and picked up all the discarded tools.

After that, found myself duoing again with Bludklot and we went straight towards the arena.     Now with a duo it was easy – all three froggies got dirtnapped and I finished up the quests.     Again, almost – still had to do the two quests involving the other factions.

Next, we headed into the mines where I at last found the Nurgan minediggers.    My fears about the difficulty of reaching and killing them were unfounded; a solo crawl through the mines is very possible, and with a duo it was a lot of fun.   Unfortunately for me, I had forgotten to grab the writ !    Bah !

We proceeded to crawl through and knock down all eight of the machines for Mr. Tinkerer, leaving me with 98% XP.    Phew – just barely stayed at level, to allow me to grab the writ.     Once I hit 75 I won’t be able to get it anymore.     But it was late by this time, and time to log out.

1,916 quests, just 7 behind #12.


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