Posted by: mrrx | December 14, 2007

Skinning a Ya Lei is harder than skinning Winamp

Tezcatlipocca : 65% XP. Spent a while trying to collect my Ya Lei skin, and I was unsuccessful once again. The little buggers are confusing. Sometimes, I can get an add and defeat both of them, whether they are hydromancers or explorers. Sometimes, they wallop me. Maybe I should just be smart and run every time I get an add.

Y’know, one plat isn’t looking quite as expensive as it was before. Then again, I’d like to be a Hunter of Ya Lei and I haven’t gotten there yet.

Also finished up the last Riliss hunter quests, and am well past +50,000 and ally status with Riliss.     Bathezid continues to creep upwards with every Ya Lei killed.     I was trying to figure out what to do next when I notice a player heading down towards the Sarnshank area.   He’s a 74 monk, declined group invitations, but did something I needed – he cleared the camp of Chil’Krai the Sarnshank leader I was supposed to kill.    When Chil’Krai  repopped it was a simple matter of fighting him down.     Thanks Mr Dwarf !

For my last Riliss quest I need to fight in the arena, but I was tired so I logged.   This was a short session anyway because I had to work late.    Stupid ERP.     Turning it on, untested (for my part anyway), in 17 days.    I can’t test it either, I have to wait until the other team is ready to send me data, and they’re not ready.      They all tell me everything’s fine though !! ! !     {{shiver}}.

Got another AP tonight as well.    My AP plan is pretty clear.     For EOF points, I need four more in my encounter disease DOT.     For the rest, there’s simply no use for any of them – faster rezzes ?   Heat,Cold,Disease wards, which don’t intercept those damages if a normal ward is up as well ?   Pah.   I’ll end up using around 50 points.

For KOS, I have 4-8 in Int (gives me the rabies DOT), working towards 8-8-8-1-1 in Agility which complements my combat arts, and heading towards 8-8 in Strength which beefs up the pet considerably.    I may chase points in STA and WIS too just for the sake of higher attributes, or I might go deeper in Strength.

EQ2players managed to update. I’m still #13, with 1908 quests on the board, only 12 shy of 12th place. Moved up to #21 among mystics worldwide.


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