Posted by: mrrx | December 12, 2007

Quest series ? We can do that.

Tezcatlipocca : 45% XP. Logged in and found myself hooked up quickly with my old duo partner Bludklot. How did that happen exactly ? I tried to take on Sneuchi, ignoring the heroic tag on his quest, and his blue ^^^ status.

I got smashed. I don’t even think I hurt him. Maybe the bastard had a big nuke as well as good interrupts.

So I advertise for help and got it. Together we took him down, I wasted an Incinerate on him even though it was not needed. Next, we proceeded to mow down the Riliss lieutenants. If only I had remembered to kill that Sarnshank guy Chikl’rai – he’s a 74 ^^^ surrounded by hostiles. Ah well, tonight maybe. Chatted for awhile and caught up with Blud then he logged off.

I then proceeded to delete every Drogan Exiles quest that I had managed to pick up the night before. Why ? you ask…….. I realized something about why there’s quest fatigue in the game. Let me explain.

I’m levelling up and working as many quests as I can, for all of these factions :

  • Tunarian Alliance
  • Qeynos Guard
  • Concordium
  • Celestial Watch
  • Riliss (Iksars)
  • Bathezids (Sarnak)
  • Omen’s Call (Humans & Elves)
  • Exiles of Droga (Goblins and Giants)

(Never mind the Bellywhumpers and any others out there)

The quests are well written; engaging; completable and fun. So why can’t I work them all at the same time ? Because then they all seem to exist as separate events, despite the writing, when I think back on them the next day. It’s more a search for the closest or most identifiable target on a checklist than trying to run through a quest series.

The writs are one thing (first four), but having a faction quest progression would have worked much better I now realize. Don’t get all six quests from Drogans/Bathezid/Riliss etc at once; instead, start with a first NPC who asks me to help one guy in the camp. Who then has a 3-quest series before sending you to the next guy. You get a better sense of narrative out of the whole thing that way.

This way, even if I’m working on quests for all four factions at once (and killing the bastard Ya Lei whenver I can; they’ve really managed to make me angry), I’m still following a story instead of being left trying to remember just which guy is it, again, that I’m trying to help out ? Which faction wants me to kill the Sabertooths again ?

But they didn’t build the quests this way. That’s fine. I’ll finish up the Riliss / Bathezid quests I do have and treat it as a lesson learned.

The two heroic quests I finished did complete the Bathezid quests. I’m at around 26,000 faction with them though – far short of the 50,000 I’d really like. That’s a lot of Ya Lei to kill, at around 25 points apiece = 960 ? Yikes. Realizing this, I went ahead and whacked two dozen or so Ya Lei – I’m still looking for a skin, they sell for over 1 plat on the Bazaar, so that means I’ll have to find it myself.   No luck for this evening.

I then went to work on writs. Boy, writs have come a long way from the old world. These are very obviously solo affairs. Found the bighorns, prowlers, and Cabilis skeletons, dispatched them all. Got stumped on the Nurgan Minediggers though – it looks like they should be in the Mines of Nurga area, and yet I penetrated fairly deep and only found Tinkersmashers and Mine Guards.     If they’re deeper than I’ve gotten, I’ll pass until later – the goblins hit hard.

It’s nice to actually be able to do writs before I outlevel them.    Sure beats missing the writs I did in the old world, that’s a lot of quests I had to pass up on.

Finished my last Omen’s Call quest, then went and spoke to both the Exiles of Nurga, and the Bellywhumpers, to help out the Rilissians.    Heh.   Bellywhumpers.     I should have taken a screenshot – Hammin actually slaps around his big beer gut while you are talking to him.     Anyway, both quests required you to gain faction with their group in order to continue, so I’m passing on those for the moment.    Still another 4-5 Iksar quests to finish.

Collected some bushes near the Pens of Riliss.     You have to grab each bush a single time, I believe, they didn’t respawn and allow you to collect petals from the same bush.    Either that or the respawn is pretty long.     Took awhile because I had to deal with baddies nearby each bush.       And with that, had to log off.

Around 1,885 quests, checked in game last night.    I’m not even going to look at EQ2players, I can’t stand the disappointment.



  1. It sounds like you and I have very similar play styles. I love running quests and it drives me absolutely nuts to delete a quest. At level 62, I still have quests in my journal that are lower 30’s in level. I haven’t completed them yet for one reason or other, but I refuse to delete them.

    Many in my guild are the types that we are hearing so much of these days. They don’t really like questing, they hate soloing, and they can’t stand the lack of dungeon grinds. Now I love a good dungeon crawl myself, but I also love soloing and questing. Pretty much, I’m happy either way… which is a good thing because coming to the game so late, soloing has been my primary option for leveling. Many in my guild keep telling me how I’m going to be in heaven when I finally get to Kunark since there is so much solo quest content.

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