Posted by: mrrx | December 11, 2007

Everquest Laptop ?

I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get a laptop that could actually play games.     Well, OK, not games – Everquest 2.    While my current laptop runs older (ancient?) games like Vice City, 512mb will stop an EQ2 installation.    ATI Radeon 1150 apparently supports DirectX 9.0b, while 9.0c is required.

Check out how much a “gaming laptop” costs though.    If $2,500 sounds good to you go for it, but I’m far too cheap to cut loose with that kind of money for a computer nowadays.

Then I stumble upon this Dell system  – smartly hidden among business computers, apparently.   $600.

Geforce 8400 GS M.    Apparently, this video card will be supported by Everquest 2.     The “M” for mobile worries me a bit though.    In case you missed it, EQ2 is not supported running on laptops, officially [wink wink, nudge nudge], but all reports are that if you can get it working, then it’s OK.

God, it would be sweeeeeet for my next business trip not to include evenings of boredom (read as : Too cheap to pay for entertainment) and actually allow me to log in and game.     Even with minimal graphics and framerate, the experience would be great.      And traveling with the laptop gives me something to do when visiting Mom, the relations, and friends with Internet access too.

Any tips or horror stories there folks ?



  1. My son plays EQ2 on a HP laptop we got for $800; works fine.

    My main gaming machine is a laptop, an Asus.

    Who says you can’t play EQ2 on a laptop?

  2. just don’t put the laptop on ur lap…..Mine a year old.. and in eq2 it run hot…

  3. Tipa games on a LAPTOP ? Always ? Wow, I’m surprised.

    At home I just love the whole system-building thing and would never use a laptop given how cheap desktops have gotten.

    Check the support forums – laptops aren’t supported. Course, like it matters, they’re not likely to check.

  4. ‘Not supported’ just means that their tech support, if you somehow need their help, could just use it as an excuse to brush aside the problem, nothing more than that.

  5. I have an HP laptop and its not even a high-end gaming computer, let alone just an everyday computer. However, i play EQ2 daily from sunup to sundown, breaks in-between and it works just fine, up til the recent upgrades they have made to the game so I purchased an ASUS G73 Gaming computer, yes definitely EQ2 CAN and has been played on a laptop, its not ‘right or wrong’ its just a matter of preference.

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