Posted by: mrrx | December 9, 2007

Loping through the Plains


Glad to have freed you from undeath buddy.

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP. I’ve spent a few light sessions working L&L Minotaur and Clockwork. Doing these things in a single minded fashion gets very boring. Each kill, you hope you’ll get a body part that you need. Each time you don’t, it’s a big disappointment. It got boring real quick but I persevered and finished both sometime on Friday.

With that out of the way, I figured I’d try the Loping Plains again yesterday. This place was so difficult six months ago, but the combat changes made things much more fun. Drew out the Cazi witch and wasted her, collected level 150 gear for the freethinkers, and generally had a great time. Knocked out maybe another half a dozen quests.

Dom of the Elani was a lot of fun. I had to kill ten of these restless spirits, and boy were they a challenge to fight. One mistake on the level 66 ^^^ version and I would have been toast; down to red health on several fights with them. Eventually ten went down, I talked to each of the spirits after death and told them “You’re Free!”, then got my reward.

The quest items for this and Hand of Glory are pretty funny. These are the fabled level 150 items that you’ll never be able to use, so go ahead and just turn them in on the quest. Everyone in guild was fascinated with them – you get an announcement when you loot them. Still everybody drooled over them.

Also found a spot to kill werewolves at. A quest asked for 15 werewolf pelts and I obliged, getting started on the Werewolf L&L while I’m at it. Got my three spirit updates and was amused at the obstacle the designers threw my way.

There’s a large group of solo mobs in this “forest”, on the other side of Mistmoore Castle. Well, almost all solo. A mean 70 ^^^ werewolf runs like crazy through the area, and he killed me once. Rebuffed and returned, and noticed that his path never varies, he runs a circular patrol. All I had to do was find a nice killing spot, wait until he ran past, and then pull a mob. Got no werewolf parts, and one is pretty expensive on the broker, so I’ll return at some point and try and grind that out. Or maybe I’ll quit being a cheapskate and just buy them.

With that, I had knocked out several quests but I got tired of the old world. Camped inside of Kylong Plains, ready to take on RoK once again. Eq2Players is ***Still*** down; I’m probably just shy of 1900 quests at this point.


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