Posted by: mrrx | December 6, 2007

Finished Revisit of KOS


Finally seeing the Halls of Fate. Can’t get deep enough to do quests though.


Tezcatlipocca : 40% XP. Spent an enjoyable time in the Barren Sky. It’s funny, the quest chain I was on was clearly designed to introduce you to the various areas of the Barren Sky; a newbie chain that is. What do I end up doing ? I did it last.

Back when KOS came out I had a very difficult time in the zone because of the inability to run away. Any tough fight I got into killed me. Kind of kept me from playing around in the zone. That’s not the case now, the fights are against barely greens and are pretty easy and a lot of fun. So once I finished up I figured, why not see if I can do this Halls of Fate quest to find Raluvah.

The map in the Bonemire was confusing, but eventually I figured it out. That center “Island” has six bridges to a middle ?atoll? , and on that place was the entrance. After fighting my way in and invising I got a chance to check it out. Looks really neat. Walk in through an entryway, climb down a spiral staircase with little dragons flying around, and start down another passageway at the bottom.

The see-invis guards stopped me. They looked a bit tougher than I wanted to tackle, to say nothing of starting from the top and fighting my way down. We’ll try this one at 80 or with a group.

Afterward spent a fair amount of time killing Ravasects, finishing up my final Drednever quest as well as Lore & Legend. Had to pay 10g for the ravasect foot, but I wasn’t inclined to cheap this one out again, my recent experience with the centaurs has loosened my wallet a bit. By this time though it was late and time to log off.

Eq2players is not updated. Again.



  1. I would be surprised if you could solo much in HoF even at 80… I have to admit though that I’ve never even tried, so what do I know… just that things come in punishing groups and those tend to be hard to deal with; plus all being heroic.

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