Posted by: mrrx | December 5, 2007

Poets Palassszzzzzzzz *snore*


I feel like the old Mervyn’s commercial – “Open Open Open” [wiggles fingers]

Tezcatlipocca : 20% XP.    Started out by inquiring about the final raid in Splitpaw; surely I could manage to solo a level 50 epic right ?    Well, not quite.   Apparently you just have to have several people to finish the fight, from the puzzles that require two groups, to the mob that draws mana from idols requiring four people to click it off.    And that all assumes that the quest isn’t simply bugged, which rumor says it is.   So much for finishing that one.

Instead, headed off to Poets Palace again for the hardest, and easiest, quest update in the world.    All I had to do to finish was talk to the Djinn master again.    The challenge is in getting to him, even after finishing access quests.

Level 1 – No sweat.   All the mobs are pink.

Level 2 – Started to do the cyclops puzzle, then realized, hey I can click on that door.   Walked straight through.

Level 3 –  First, I had to get through the randomly opening doors.    No easy feat, and pretty flaming boring.    They open *randomly* – could be seconds, or could be 10 minutes.    You can’t task switch – there’s no noise when the doors open, so your eyeballs need to be glued to the screen.     So much for reading a book even.    You try standing around and waiting for a door like that to open, with absolutely nothing else to do.

  • I ran circuits around the rooms.
  • I jumped around like a 12 year old after a dozen candy bars.
  • I did double jumps off the crystal balls.   Wheee.
  • I /begged the doors to open.

Amazingly enough, the last one actually worked for me !   Well, it was a fun coincidence anyway.

The other difficulty was doing the ring events.    I was convinced I needed to stay in each room and clear the rings, but I found out I could pull a group outside of each room, kill it, and rest up for the next wave.     That made it pretty easy, the final mobs were 63 ^^^ greenies which I’m able to handle nowadays.     Ahh, what a far cry EQ2 is today versus 2 years ago when the question was how gray did they need to be for me to solo them !     (I still Incinerated the last one for safety)

Clearing all three ring events opened the doors to the middle, and through the mirror I went, after a stern warning about not being able to come back down.

Level 4 – Hello, Djinn master.     Quest ding…. and a surprise.    He next gives me an epic quest next.      Never one to turn down a quest, I accept, and he promptly tells me to go………. back to Level 3.

Mmmmm Mr. Quest Designer, you might have come up with a better way to do that.    Like not lock us out of the third level, or send people off to a mob they can actually get to.    Well, I could do it in a few days.    I sure don’t want to do it again tomorrow anyway.

After my quest ding, headed off to Barren Sky to finish off writs I had collected six months ago.    With the combat changes, and the extra levels, it was an absolute blast to mow down aviak after aviak, at a just-barely-still-green level and finish the four writs.    A couple of times I had two groups, of three aviaks, marked heroic, all banging away on me and I even managed to finish it alive.     Fun stuff !

Also got started on the Barren Sky solo timeline, in between collecting every tome page marked on the map.    Got through maybe three quests before sleep claimed me for the night.

1,836 quests completed.    I thought it would have been higher.



  1. You can always evac (using some sorta quested device or what have you) or kill yourself – you respawn on the main floor.

  2. [ slaps forehead ]

    Well, next time maybe 🙂 .

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