Posted by: mrrx | December 4, 2007

Old Quest Preparations Complete !

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 73, 5% XP.  Explored the Fens more thoroughly and I really enjoy the artwork and what not in this zone.    Kylong Plains, other than being large and open, didn’t do much for me, but this zone looks fantastic.      Big waterfalls and lakes, bridges, a dank smelly look to much of the air, fishing villages and little cities.     Nicely done.

First problem was faction – both the Sarnaks and the Iksar hate you and attack on sight until you start to work faction.    Fortunately, the quests have faction increases as a reward, and apparently you can work on both and get to max ally at some point.     So I started with the Iksar quests and got to where they didn’t want to kill me.

The Sarnaks were a bit harder, but the little frog men (Ya Lei in the game) give faction boosts to the Sarnak.     Not only that, but there is a Lore & Legend, and Hunter title, related to these little guys.    Targeting them for awhile got me to non-KOS, which allowed me to move on to Bathezid’s Watch, where I picked up even more quests.

I relished my role as a double agent.     It’s kind of funny to be killing both the Iksar Advancers and the Bathezid Outriders.    And neither one is KOS to you.

The best quest I did was, hands down, the Rhino Wrangling quest.      I had to bring three tuskers in to the city of Riliss, and to get them you were given some kind of lariat.     Targeting a rhino and using the lariat turned them into a pet for you, which you then had to walk over to the stables.

The spectacle of three rhinos following you across the plains is something else.    (I really need to remember to take screenshots for this blog don’t I ?)    Now, I did run into an issue with the quest – I had three rhinos but the third would not give an update on the quest.    It was a pet issue, I had dogdog my ghost wolf up, and somehow he conflicted with one of the rhinos.    Dismissed them both, then grabbed another rhino to finish the quest.

After dinging 73 a quick broker trip got me some new buffs and an improved heal.    Still waiting for a good ward here guys – I have a very old pink master II which one would expect to have updated.    Then again, I got a newer ward sometime in the 60’s which I simply don’t use because this old one is better.

Plan for tonight is to see if I can knock out some of these old long-standing quests.    The biggest reason I have Tez madly leveling is a simple one – I have maybe 40 quests I can’t complete without either a group or more levels.    I am hoping that three were enough to get me working on some of them.   Graying out the mobs can work wonders on your ability to finish these things.     Did they ever fix Splitpaw ?   I’ll find out soon.

Guild drama continues.     Silver Shield is really, really a teamspeak guild and I had Tlaloc leave it.      Not a good fit for Mr. Silent at all.     Honor Unbound had two leaders leave last night, meaning it’s time for Tez to think about another guild.    No way am I hanging around disintergrating guilds any more.      But I guess guild drama is just the way of the world.

Last count on quests is 1,836.    Should jump substantially tomorrow.



  1. What is it with guild drama these days!?

  2. That rhino quest is broken for everyone, not just because of Dogdog, it didn’t update for me either when I brought three over (and I have no pets up at all, not a pet class) so I went back and grabbed another, got the update that way. As far as I know, everyone has that issue.

    … guild drama for you too eh? What the heck, it must be a full moon.

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