Posted by: mrrx | December 3, 2007

Yes, I am a stupid player

Tlaloc : 80% XP or so. Tlaloc spent another couple of hours in the Thundering Steppes, murdering endless centaurs while gathering, and he has a substantial store of various harvests for my big group of crafters. Eventually, he picked up the centaur eye which was an occasion for happiness. 25 centaurs later, he got the mane to finish the quest at last, amid much rejoicing.

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP. Finished up the questline about sneaking around Highton area, and got going on the Ember Wasp quests. Hit a pretty big snag along the way.

I’m supposed to find these strange looking wasps, only visible with Ultravision. The quest-giver says “Take a look inside this box, they look weird don’t they?”. I oblige, but one small problem is that I don’t really see anything at all. No matter, I figure that EQ2Maps will get me through.

Three wasp locations are marked, except that the confusing warren of wasp hives defeats even clear locations. Eventually, after much asking of help in guild chat, I got it figured out. First problem I had, was there are more than three locations for you to climb into the Ember Wasp hives. There are at least five, perhaps six, even if there are only three trees that have hives in them. I kept climbing in, out, in, trying to see if the wasps were not up in one but up in another. Best guess at this point is, they don’t actually need to pop, they are always up.

And of course, there are wasps all around trying to kill you. I ran from so many fights and took down a ton of wasps as well, it really got frustrating. But finally, I climbed up one and got a message in chat about a strange buzzing noise, and saw the little booger and picked him up. Got the second in rapid succession.

The third almost drove me nuts. I climbed every honey drip and missed him. You see, he’s apparently supposed to be so obvious you couldn’t miss him (hah). This is the first wasp tree as you walk from Highton, but it’s the back entrance only accessible after walking a path up a mountain. And he’s in the entrance of the wasp hive. No message popped up when I entered this hive, but eventually I had a DOH ! moment and saw him.

And took off those rotten Ultravision goggles. Ugh.

That did it for Highton quests, and got me the magic 50,000 points of faction with Teren’s Grasp. I took a look at the amazing legendary items on the two faction merchants and was underwhelmed. 5 plat and more for each item ? Can I get a discount maybe guys ? These items are good, but they only seem a bit better than the bagfull of quested items yall gave me. And I’m not quite able to part with my money that easily for another +5 wisdom.

But now I had a different problem. I needed to get to Fens of Nathsar and release a geobot. But where in the heck is the Fens of Nathsar ? A very kind guildy took off and helped me find it.

There are no maps I could find with this marked. EQ2Maps marks a “Fens of Nathsar Sokokar post” which I was probably supposed to know was the zone. Ah well. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s on the Kunzar’s Outpost map, north west corner along the coast. Run along and you’ll be inside the Fens.

And after that display of stupidity, I logged for the weekend. EQ2Players is very broken apparently – it hasn’t updated for several days. No telling where I am on the quest boards, with any luck I’m close to 1900.   EDIT : Apparently they got it fixed this morning, 1834 quests completed.



  1. As a heads up, and maybe a future headache saver.. you don’t need to wear the goggles at all to find the wee little bugs, they’re just there in the open.

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