Posted by: mrrx | November 30, 2007

Acquiring Vanguard of the Blades

Tezcatlipocca : 90% XP.    Ok, now the Kunzar quests got really fun.

I had to call out a named drolvarg and defeat him; to call him out, you had to kill other drolvargs for leadership tokens.    This was just on the edge of my abilities to fight safely, killing yellow mobs wandering around in a hilly area.     But I persevered, got my tokens, and summoned one big pissed-off drolvarg.

And I screwed up the encounter.     A yellow ^, there was no way I could deal with him without using a miracle.     But madly mashing the miracle button resulted in……. nothing happening.   This is the Solusek Ro Incinerate miracle, that puts 8 billion hits on a monster.    But it didn’t work, because I didn’t use it correctly – mob has to be at less than 50% of hit points.

Ran away, just barely escaping with my life, and after reading the miracle description, slapping my forehead, and healing up, I went back for another try.      But I had to collect my tokens again first from simpler solo mobs.

They killed me once – a nice series of interrupts on the drolvarg’s part wouldn’t let my ward come up.   I tried to fight through it anyway, just standing there healing and warding over and over until I had burned up more mana, using my emergency ward too, but I never did get ahead of the game and he ultimately dirt-napped me.     Weaker mobs, that tactic can work pretty well for me – the pet chews on them, they hurt themselves on my armor, and my spear thwacks them to death.      Not this time though.

So after collecting all my tokens, and standing around watching angry drooling drolvargs come far too close to me, all my abilities were ready.   After carefully picking a killing spot, I summoned him, beat him down to 50%, and the miracle toasted him.     It was a real near thing, and was fun !

An extra nice part of this kill was getting another achievement point, which gave me my first point in Rabies – a disease DOT which gives me yet another offensive weapon to fight with.     I can’t even fit them all on my primary hotbar anymore, which is very good news.    It works pretty well.

Ran through a few more quests, including capturing a baby worm, when I hit a brick wall.    I got to a quest that requires you to wait, patiently, until you hear from an Iksar scout (The Hardest Part).     The reference amuses me – Tom Petty sings “The waiting is the hardest part”.      So, what to do ?

I checked out two quests I had never completed for the Blades faction – Bring the End, which requires you to kill level 55 epic x2s.      I went ahead and tried one, and ran away soon after.     Then I tried the “solo” Blades champion quest.

Now this quest requires you to kill a series of opponents, in rapid succession, which is not something that I’m good at by any means.     I have previously tried to duo this and failed.    I tried doing it solo and failed.     I was never, ever, clearly going to be able to solo this %&^#$*$# quest.   So what to do ?

I did something I’m always loathe to do – ask for help.     It’s not easy to get help either, you have to have a very good faction with blades in order to zone in and do this quest, so you can’t just grab random people.  No guildies were on blades faction, unfortunately.      I asked in the world channels for awhile and was fortunate to be rewarded with a pally who thought we should give it a try.     I didn’t feel hopeful, but you never know, and he was willing.

And we did it !     Wave after wave of them came out, draining our power quickly.    But with good power regen, and very short breaks in between, we did OK.   A distinct lack of a need for heals on my part helped, this let me focus more on offense and helping my tank take down the jerks.      Firing off a ward occasionally was no big deal at all, and we eventually found ourselves fighting Sandfury brutes.

These cyclops, when I’ve tried this in the past, have always been yellow ^’s.    The way combat was six months ago, this meant they were impossible for me to solo, I was hoping the combat changes would allow me to kill him on this try.    But no worries – there were a group of them and they were all pink.    That was the key to success – someone has changed the quest to cap the level that they show up at.    Thank you devs !

A quick chat with Alim in the Blades court and I was rewarded with a new title, Vanguard of the Blades.      I am almost done with the blades quests now; only one more to go and I can start with Coin or Truth.    Our guild leader is on Truth faction so that might be the smartest way to go first.     Still, I’ll have to get a duo or trio together to finally bring the end to Bring The End and its epic mobs.

Sometime during this whole adventure, I received an email from my Iksar scout, headed back to Kunzar, and finished the Waiting quest.    At this point it was time to log out.



  1. You’re in Kunzar Jungle at 72? Wow… 75 and I have still done nothing but sneak around in there and try (unsuccessfully) to solo a bug (hard without 2boxing or kiting).

    Grats on Blades. I got Vindicator of the Coin but haven’t started on the other factions, since I just felt kinda bored about doing all the factioning once again.

    Emails from NPCs is cool. I was surprised when I got one while doing the KP quests…

  2. Actually its Kunzar ?Plains?, part of the Kylong Plains zone. The zones are so huge I’m trying to pay more attention to those POI locations.

  3. Oh, Kunzar’s Edge. Gotcha.

    And in that case the email you got was the same one I got 🙂 I do hope they do that again; that was fun.

    I may try Kunzar’s Jungle this weekend. I have about nine Fen quests left; of course finishing a quest often leads to another quest, but I do hope to make it to KJ soon.

  4. Ya 72 is a great spot to finish up the quests in Kylong Plains and head on into Fens. Everything’s been pretty smooth so far, minus some heroic quests I can’t get any help on completing…but we’ll get there. Have a great time man!

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