Posted by: mrrx | November 29, 2007

Why can’t I just cut the mane off the dead centaur ? Grrrrr

Tezcatlipocca : 60% towards 72. Finished up the camp quests and got ported over to Kunzar, an area of the Kylong Plains. The quest giver sends you here, and I have no idea how to get between this area and the docks.     Fortunately, because of sokokar posts, I probably don’t need to know.

The quests are fun, as well as the area being fairly easy to travel on – there’s a large lake which, when I walk through, has absolutely no predators inside, versus the overland routes. Knocked out a half dozen quests for the night and logged off.

1,776 quests and position #13 on the server. Need around 100 quests to move up, which will take a bit.

Tlaloc : 40% towards 32.     I was put off by the 10g price tag for centaur parts on the broker and had Tlaloc try to get them the old-fashioned way : from killing them.   Took all of the ones on the griffon plains down, cleared the area by the southeast griffon tower, went through centaur valley, and was an unstoppable killing machine.   Despite being a centaur destoyer after several hours, only one piece I needed dropped.     Two to go.

It’s not wasted time by any means though.   He has also been harvesting a lot to feed the 20ish crafters more raw materials, or to find things for sale.     I was shocked to see gold clusters going for 8s each; if I don’t use them they’re gonna make me a few coins.      Tlaloc got 200 severed ash, ported to Qeynos and shared banked them, then logged off.



  1. You have out quested me!!! I”m still ranked 36 on my server, but since ogrebear hasn’t been my main for a while, it probably that.. When i get time over winter, or spring i’ll get my quest count up again. (almost at 1700)

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