Posted by: mrrx | November 26, 2007

Kill Stealing Guildies (?)(!)

Tezcatlipocca : 50% Xp or so. Finished up the final quests in Timorous Deep – the undead area was not very much deeper into the jungle, I found it with ease, and also picked up one or two additional odd ones offered in the zone. And with that, I bade farewell to TD and headed off to Butcherblock.

The sarnaks near the griffin were also stocked with quests, and between that and finishing the mini-epic given by the ambassador at the docks, I stocked up on all the easy quests I could manage.     After returning to Kylong Plains, finished up the last of the docks writs – all the ones given by the Qeynos factions.     Most of the mobs needed were all in the far mountain pass or just past it (Highton?) .      Arbor giants in particular I found very easy and safe to stomp on.

Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot to bind on that sokokar post so I’ll have to make at least one more walking trip over there.    Getting through that mine is an excercise in speed running and hoping you don’t jump off a cliff.     But afterwards, I progressed through that little camp part of the timeline a fair distance.    The only quests left are the ones where you fight the Sarithians; I was a bit worried about attacking them in case I blow my faction.     I had heard that there were some questlines that can be cut off if you attack the wrong people, and I wasn’t able to find anything about this for Sarithians so I went ahead and worked them.    Finished stealing the supplies before logging off.

Ah, turkey day. Too much food, too much family, too many laptops, none beefy enough to play the game.     But the weekend came soon enough.

Tlaloc : 80% to 30.    Tlaloc joined a new guild, Silver Shield, in my continuing quest to find a guild that fits me.      I got grilled first before my invite, which was good news.    It’s a small guild but it sounded good.

Until the guild leader kill-stole Bloodtalon.

Well, OK, he didn’t really mean too, but it worked out that way.     I announced in guild chat “Bloodtalon is up !”, formed a group with a couple other guys in the vicinity, and took the bad advice one guy gave to just try it with three people.     We got stomped.

Afterward I announced “He’s tough, he just wiped my party”.     Another guildy promised to help, via tell, and got invited to the party and came running.    The leader however, had his own group and apparently didn’t see us standing right next to them as we sized up the big bad Bloodtalon.     I frantically wave and gesticulate, but it does no good – they took down Bloodtalon and got their updates, while I was left out in the cold.   They all apologized afterward, with the leader stating he thought I was just announcing it in case anyone needed it.     He didn’t pay enough attention to guild chat it looks like.

Could you get a worse welcome to a guild than that ?

I’m sure it was a mistake, but it was really frustrating.     Talk about “We help with quests !”    Erm, sure.      Tlaloc finished up all but two Thundering Steppes quests and finally got his giant idols – ready to start Axe from the Past.     But I figured it was time to log soon after that fiasco.

Camaxtli : Ding 10 swashbuckler, 80% xp, and level 20 weaponsmith.     Had to get him his level 10 so he could use the goodies he made leveling up to 20.     Now I need T3 resources, and put the remaining T2 ones up for sale

At this point, it looks like Honor Unbound is the best guild for me.     But I dunno if I want to give up looking just yet.    We’ll see.



  1. Sarithians – as far as I know, right now in game, there is no way at all to work on your faction for them – but, rumor has it that eventually (perhaps for epics?) we’ll have to gain faction with them through some means (my guess is by killing another 23489234 cockatrice and 3284932840 tuskers via fens quests and kunzar jungle). So don’t worry so much about them right now. That’s the only faction I haven’t seen hide nor hair of working up though, the rest, you get quests for.

    Sounds like you have the same guild-searching issues that I have (hence why I am in my own little guild, and content to stay here until something astounding pops out at me). Hard to find a good home. I didn’t seem to have that issue in EQ1.. wonder why.

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