Posted by: mrrx | November 21, 2007

Mok Rent Rules

Tezcatlipocca : 5% Xp.   Wow.     1% for an entire night ?     It’s not surprising if you’re just doing teen level quests though.

Picked up several quests on the beach at Gorowyn and knocked those out.     These included some difficult to find NPC’s inside of Gorowyn.   Did I already say I hate the layout of Gorowyn City ?    Yes ?    Any city where you have to memorize a zigzag path along elevators and go up in order to go down, that sucks.   I’ll leave it at that that.

Afterward headed to the griffin who took me to Mok Rent.     I was very impressed with this zone.     You start out in a cave with a group of Sarnak-allied folks who all have various interests, mostly research or martial – defeating the Haoreons.     Walking out of the cave you are next to a waterfall, broken aqueduct system, and gleaming dragonish bridge over a chasm.    It’s beautiful, I’ll try to add a screenshot to this post tonight.

The layout is really nice too, the mobs are in fairly obvious places and it’d be a fun crawl through them at the appropriate level.    The feedback I got from 20ish players agrees with me too.    Lore was a lot of fun.    I researched the habits of stonechest gorillas, killed a bunch of mountain throms (aka Ettins), and allied with another set of throms.    The Haoreons would have been toast, but the plan I was working on was called off by a sarnak commander – or so says the quest.

Still several I did not complete, the ones around an undead ruin in the zone which must be deeper in than I ventured tonight.    But it got really late and I had to log.

The blogger channel was active and chatty last night, was nice to talk with some of the rest of the community.       I also have a pretty good feel for Honor Unbound as a guild now, I really need to play Huey again and see how the Enigma group goes.     It’s tough though, right now I’m in a competitive mode and want to knock those quests down and move up the ladder.

1,737 quests completed.    And I’m not even done with these newb quests – it’s really time consuming, especially if you pay attention and read the text like I’m doing.    Now up to #13 on the server, hoping to break the top ten sometime next week.

Oh, and given the complaints about my unpronouncable names, a guide :

  • Tezcatlipocca : Tez – Cat – Lee – Poke – a
  • Huehueteotl : Hue – Hue – Tee – Oat – el
  • Ometochtli : Om – e – toe – ch – t – li
  • Chalchitlicue : Chal – Chee – t – li – kway
  • Tlaloc and Camaxtli you can figure out, I hope.


  1. I see the names of your toons and just start getting flashbacks from when I was reading about the ancient Mayan culture. I always really appreciate creative and/or inspired names… names the player obviously put some thought into.

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