Posted by: mrrx | November 21, 2007

ERP, Football, Pirates, and The Hated Station Access

ERP is looking much better; can you tell by the level of posts I can get out ?    December will be another story but I feel…….. not terrified about launch day.

I am enchanted, once again, with Everquest 2.    So much for the mystery beta, I can’t work up any interest given that the character I progress will disappear.     And I’m in a quandry as to what to do when Pirates of the Burning Sea comes out.      I’d love to play it, but it doesn’t look like I’ll want to give up Everquest 2.

I’m certainly not playing two games and paying two subscriptions, separately or Station-Access wise.     While I could get SA and play Everquest 2, Pirates, and Vanguard – I really don’t miss Vanguard one bit.     That card game was the best part of it.    And paying $30 a month to play games goes against my inner cheapskate, to say nothing of the low opinion I’ve had forever about the entire Station Access fiasco.

The thing is though – I want Pirates to succeed.    I want to swashbuckle, sink pirates, and make a fortune in doubloons.     If people don’t buy it, it won’t.     Such a conundrum.

I can’t believe how much fun Fantasy Football is.     My main team is 5-6 and poised to enter the playoffs, while the other two public leagues I entered I am in postion #1 and #2.     Trolling through advice columns, digging through numbers, and looking for that guy who will get you some extra points – that is a real blast.

Watching a football game, and caring less about whether the team wins than whether your player(s) do well – that’s fun.    Football is the essence of team sport, and really subsumed the individual players into just guys who are there or not.     But fantasy is about the individuals, and I like the idea quite a bit.     And you pay attention to people besides the biggest stars, since sometimes the difference in the game is just a few yards.

If you have never played fantasy football – you have to try it.    Just once.    For crying out loud, it’s free !     You’ll have to wait until next year at this point, but not to worry, I’ll keep you posted on it.     I plan to try Fantasy Baseball too this year – any interest in forming a “MMO Bloggers league” let me know.



  1. The fantasy football has always interested me since people at work are always talking about it, but I haven’t done my homework since highschool. All I know is my team, Green Bay, 9-1, and they’re playing tomorrow, and I intend to watch the game. Hopefully at the end of the day, I’ll be stuffed with turkey goodness, and Green Bay will be 10-1.

  2. i have never played fantasy baseball i’ll join, if you do make an mmo blogger league

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