Posted by: mrrx | November 20, 2007

Wandering Timorous Deep

Tezcatlipocca : 4% XP. This was not a night for XP, this was all about the newbie Sarnak quests.

So I got an exact location, with coordinates, for the Butcherblock Sarnak griffins. No wonder I didn’t find it before – there’s no tower. I thought every time you rode a griffin you had to do it off of a tower. Not anymore folks – the Sarnaks have improved the technology somehow, removing the redundant climb to the top of a tower.

When you land in Timorous Deep, you find yourself on a set of docks outside the city of Gorowyn. There’s no obvious way for you to make it to the beginner area, however. I had a real challenge with this one.

I tried asking a couple of people how to get there but no one responded. I also wandered for awhile in the City – I suppose someone thought it was cool to make a city inside a cavern, with disconnected platforms and crazy elevators, but that person was not me . Despite my best efforts I couldn’t figure out how to get out. Eventually, I just gave up.

Back out to the docks, and I just figured I’d circumnavigate the island. I would definitely know once I made it to the newbie zone since I had created a temporary sarnak, just long enough to see the new creation screen. After wandering for awhile I got a bit of a surprise – I got a new map, and a new island.

The new island clued me in. Somewhere I had read about a series of islands that Sarnaks hop. So I followed the coast, swimming most of the way, until I got to a third map and saw something on it that looked like the newb area. Upon reaching it, I was right.

Now, there’s a better way to get to/from there apparently – griffins. But they weren’t active for me, I think you need to do quests in order to get them active. And quests are what I did, following the EQ2I timeline up until Gorowyn beach. The backstory was well done. The quests were a bit simple and boring, but that’s OK, they’re supposed to be for new players.

My favorite one was asking for spines from poisonous monitors. To get them, I wasn’t supposed to kill the animals, merely collect them after these carnivorous plants incapacitated them. How to do that though ? I tried pulling them, but of course all my arts killed them in one shot, including autoattack. I stood there and waited for them to wander close enough, but they weren’t stupid – the creatures knew those plants would kill them.

Finally I realized, duh, use a debuff. That convinced the creatures to run after me. Even though some killed themselves on my chest armor proc, other ones made it long enough to get close to the plants – and I was treated to a fun animation of the plant reaching out, enwebbing the monitor, and leaving it nice and wrapped up on the ground for me to pick up. It put me in mind of buying meat at the butchers – “Wrapped that up for you sir, will there be anything else ?”

Eventually, I finished all the quests in the first village, and was asked to take a griffin to Gorowyn. By this time it was late at night, I misclicked, and ended up flying from the village to Gorowyn Beach, back to the village, and back to the beach. I decided to leave it there and logged off.

1,686 quests complete. This puts me at –

  • #1 Mystic quester on the Bazaar; and Ashanamond is chasing me !
  • #33 Mystic quester worldwide
  • #16 of all questers on the Bazaar – Passed ya back Raphaela !

/join antonia_bayle.bloggers. New channel that someone set up for all us strange people who write about playing MMO’s (hat tip : Stargrace). I wasn’t chatty, but it was nice to see all the familiar faces and a few I had never heard of. Too bad we’re spread across so many servers – it’d be nice to have one server everyone played on.



  1. I think it was Cuppy who started the channel… and yes, it was a LOT of fun to be chatting with other bloggers, it was like being in a guild with all my friends.

    I apologize for my rampant AFK ism last night. I was getting too eager to outpull a duo in Nurga last night as we raced to the same named, and I ended up dying, and so I went and played Guitar Hero, watched Heroes, read more of the new Stephen Donaldson book (Fatal Revenant), and then wandered back to game, grouped with a friend I met the night before and just trashed the place.

    I want to bring my baby bruiser to Timorous Deep! Thanks to you, I know how to get there 🙂

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