Posted by: mrrx | November 19, 2007

Six Characters

It’s strange – after all this time, I find myself playing the game in a much different fashion. I really know, at long last, how to play and enjoy things. The various tweaks that have popped in over the last six months, and with the new expansion, sure don’t hurt either. I spent a ton of time in front of the computer this weekend, and the results are manifest across all of my characters.

Camaxtli, Level 8 Swashbuckler and 16 Weaponsmith (future). Mostly got him off the island after a shared bank bug bit. He could not receive anything in the shared bank, which is apparently a known bug for characters that stayed on the island too long. I said the heck with it and moved him into the Baubbleshire. A gift of one plat gave him plenty of money to tradeskill and he’s the last one still working on his actual specialty.

Chalchitlicue, Level 16 Conjuror and 20 Tailor. She gathered actively for hours, got a ton of stuff, and maybe 60ish skill on every type of harvest. I thought that would be enough on the harvesting to allow gathering in Thudering Steppes, but I found out later she actually needs 90. Rats.

Sat her in the tradeskill dungeon grinding the outfitter recipes. She just made every one possible to get as much first-time xp as possible. Now, she’s ready but the harvests aren’t there. I decided to dedicate a shared bank slot to harvestables, and I’m not going to worry about her until I can start stocking that with T3 harvests.

Chalchi also joined a guild, The Haven, which I view right now and find has nobody else on it. Time to drop that one like a hot potato, I am writing this at my peak playtime.

Ometochtli – Level 19 Paladin and 20 Armorer. The Drunken Rabbit spent **forever** getting all his harvesting skills up to 90. It was a bit tiring, irritating, and yet yielded so many harvests its not even funny. 15 or more rares, mostly sisal roots and blackened iron clusters. On the way to that goal he hit the more obvious and easy of the Antonica quests.

Playing a Paladin is, so far, rather difficult. I don’t find the pally easy to solo. Too much heal and AOE at his disposal, and less offense. Still, the roleplay is fun – the traitor Ogre goody two shoes, kills every undead he can and more, along with the gnolls. He may end up sporting that Hunter of Gnolls title at some point after all.

It was nice to have him get the armorer levels, as several of the gear items he went ahead and put on, makes him look a bit more impressive than before.

Tlaloc – Level 29 Monk, and 53 provisioner. I’m surprised I sat so long on Tlaloc’s adventure level now. He tore through the Thundering Steppes and many L&L quests, still working on several in the race to thirty. I finally camped him after he ran out of vitality. Some of you talk about waiting until vitality kicks in again. Never in my EQ2 career have I ever had to worry about it, until now.

I started to have him work on tradeskills but this funny thing stopped me. Harvests stack to 200 now; presumably, food items do not. Probably should have checked that to be sure, but given his very full bank, making more food is going to have to wait. Something will have to change there, new boxes, get rid of food, or wait for it to get eaten by the hungry alts.

Huehueteotl – Level 41 wizard, and 32 carpenter . Huey joined a guild named Enigma, which includes a leader with the encouraging last name of “Alwaysquesting”. Seem like a nice group, we’ll see how well he/I fit in there.

That level 41 came very nicely. It’s so much fun playing him through all the content, and he doesn’t have to worry about dying all the time like Tez. Wizards rock, and I wish I had started one up sooner. No doubt, this will be the character second to 70, if it ever happens.

Tezcatlipocca – Ding 71. Doing the quests along the Kylong dock, including a writ for Tez’s new guild Honor Unbound. The only one with mobs nearby – right next to the dock, literally – and they were uncommon spawns among the drachnids. Not excited about doing that one again. Got most of the rest completed, and headed up to Terean’s City and picked up several more.

Honor Unbound is a very chatty and helpful group, almost manic in fact, helped me finish up several quests on my way to additional levels.  Except the helpful person I grouped with….. left the guild because she couldn’t get any help herself. Bah.

Finished up almost every quest from the docks area, started to do them at the outpost, and after finally dinging called back home for more spells.     Got that buff I never use upgraded and a better heal.    1,614 quests completed and fell to #20 on the server – Raphaela passed me up.    1,640 should move me up.

To do list –

  • Camaxtli to 20 weaponsmith.
  • Tlaloc to 30 Monk
  • Ometochtli or Chalchitlicue to 20 adventure level
  • And as always, Tez to level up and finish more quests.


  1. Sounds like you play the same way I do. I tried for so long to settle to “one” character, and it’s just not a viable solution for me. I’d rather play all 10 (or however many I’m up to now) and get a little done on each one when I feel like it.

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