Posted by: mrrx | November 14, 2007

Return Onto Kunark (RoK)

Tezcatlipocca : 15% or so XP, working towards 71.    After checking various technical issues I logged in and tried to figure out how to get to Kunark.    It wasn’t obvious – at least to me.

Ran over to Qeynos Harbor – no bell, carpet, or new things over there.     Then chatter comes through that I should head out to the Sinking Sands.      I do that, search around – can’t find a way to Kunark from there either.    Stargrace tries to help me next, suggesting either the docks in Antonica / Commonlands, or Butcherblock.      A quick trip to Butcherblock nets me yet more frustration – the dock she swears is there, I can’t find.     Bah.   EQ2Maps will be updated soon.

But I did find a nice surprise in Butcherblock – a Sarnak NPC standing on the docks, who starts you on a whole chain of quests to help the dwarves, with the idea being that the dwarves will help the Sarnaks if you help them first.    I progressed through maybe four of them before getting stuck on one.

Solid Foundation is a quest where the NPC asks you to gather 15 enchanted stones.    Simple enough – yet I couldn’t find them.    He hints that elementals are not helpful, nor is the nearby Quarry.     I ran around for awhile and could not find anything either as ground spawn, regular harvest nodes, or from killing things nearby.      I guess I’ll have to wait for the walkthrough to show up.

Having reached an impasse there, I travel to Kunark, where I discover that the expansion is basically only for level 70 characters.     Ah, that blows.     No lower level zones ?     Tez was eagerly searching for easy quests to finish.     And try as I might, I could not get to the Sarnak newbie zone to check it out.    It looks really cool – created a Sarnak just to see how it would look, and got treated to a voicover and the zooming in to your newly created character – shades of WOW.

But the docks at the Kylong Plains were well stocked with quests, and I completed one and started another by searching for artifacts.     Something is different about combat – I can keep myself alive with my wards, and attack, and still manage to kill an even con mob.     More or less managed to make the adjustment only, explore a little bit by running up a long hill to a new city, when I had to log out.     1,606 quests completed, still # 18.

Tlaloc & Huehueteotl have received lots of play lately, getting up to level 25 and 40 respectively.     The wizard is really, really, a lot of fun to play.    After he reached 40 I wanted to get another character up to 30 first and Tlaloc was my pick.     Monks are definitely fun too, he’s currently working L&L and heritage quests in Greater Faydark.

Keep your fertilizer now.    It sells unbelievably well; and to think I had been vendoring it.    Stacks of harvests go to at least 100 and perhaps more, which is very nice.

Hope to post more soon, but I’m about to panic on the work front with our system going live 1/1/08, and the amount of work I have to do scares me.



  1. I really don’t like how much this expansion moves EQ2 even closer to that other game you mentioned. Wait until you explore the breadth of Kylong Plains – it looks like it was ripped straight from Azeroth.

  2. Resources stack in piles of 200 now, as well as fuels, and I swear there’s a grif. up a little ramp alng the beach in Butcherblock that takes you to the Sarnak place, then you can get to the other zones from there. 😉

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