Posted by: mrrx | October 31, 2007

Responsible adulthood sucks

Too much work, not enough time for gaming.    ERP has gotten into full swing, just in time for me to get complete conflict with the annual report I’m supposed to be finalizing.

The Mystery Beta  is quite a bit of fun.    The problem being, the pressing demands on me are making it less fun to do the real beta thing, look for things that don’t work and report them.    Their bug reporting system also discourages this.    I pretty much get the sense anyway, that my contribution to the beta is as a load tester at this point.      So I haven’t done too much playing in the last few days.

I am, however, certain to buy the Mystery Game when it comes out.    It’s REALLY GOOD.

Everquest 2 is getting some play, not too much.    Tezcatlipocca, my 70 Mystic uber-quester, is sitting on the sidelines as the existing quests are too hard (ie, not-pink) to finish off solo.    I don’t exactly have time to make friends at the moment.     And the search for pink chests just bored me at the moment; I really want to pick up more levels and take more existing ones out of the quest log.

Huehueteotl, my Ogre Wizard, is an absolute blast to play, and has managed level 37 and still climbing up.     The Steamfont kobolds have been very good to him, but he’s pretty much out of quests at the moment other than finding a final kobold part.   I got him started on Return of the Light before logging last night.   I’d like to get him to perhaps 45 and then ratchet-up some more of the alts so I have a better level spread of them than currently.

Amazingly, the long-sought prize of an extra character slot stands empty.    If you’re enjoying your current characters, why use it ?    And I just don’t have time or energy to join another server with it, at least right now.    Perhaps later.



  1. Saylah from Mystic Worlds came to join the masses on AB, we’re still waiting for you over here too *grins*

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