Posted by: mrrx | October 18, 2007

Getting Ogrish again

Huehueteotl : Ding 36.     Had quite a bit of fun with my wizard over the past few days.

I seem to remember him getting smashed up really well trying the root-and-nuke, six months ago.    I don’t know what exactly has changed, but that’s definitely NOT the case anymore.      Roots stick fairly well, if they break he can reroot and back up again, and even standing toe-to-toe with the baddies his ward, received after getting 10 points into magi shielding, holds through most of the fight.

Now, I didn’t try anything really challenging – yellow down arrows were the toughest.      It’d be fun to go after a green heroic monster, I’ll have to try that sometime soon.

Had him work on several quests left in his book from way back when, and clean up a large number of them.    Skeleton L&L is finished, and he has spirit updates for many of the remaining ones.     Something has changed to trivialize the spirit updates – they all come exceedingly quick, with the exception of minotaurs.  I stood in Steamfont and had him waste dozens of minotaurs, and not a single spirit update hit.    Given the ease with which the rest came, I eventually decided it had to be bugged and left.

The challenge now is just getting the L&L pieces.    I was able to buy all the skeleton stuff for maybe a silver, but the other things are nowhere near as simple.     Giant items went for a gold piece or more, and the zombie stuff started at 50s and up.     Never mind – I’ll find that junk myself.    Then again, now I know to hang on to these things and sell them.

Also finished up the Journey is Half the Fun quest.     Bought some wolf totems (37s apiece, you can’t go wrong) and took out every run except Feerrott the first time.    Commonlands was easy, the Steppes were simple, Nek Forest surprised me by being very doable, and one scouting run for Enchanted Lands set the landmarks firmly in my mind and led to a completion.

Feerrott, now, I used the wrong strategy on.    Quick run with a wolf totem got me killed, slowed, and rooted before I even made the first checkpoint.     A second try, using invis to get past some parts, saw me move forward to the bridge, where I made the ill-advised choice to drop invis so I could run faster.    Root and die happened very quickly.    No, the quick run was not going to work.

Wizards have invisibility.    That’s absolutely the only thing required; nothing on the route saw through my invis.     My big, slow, non-speed-boosted Ogre finished the route the third time with a fair amount of time to spare.

It’s also fun to have an alt to play the game with, without doing the obssessive quester thing.    I did the ones I wanted to do, and amazingly enough, when a quest got annoying I simply deleted it.      I grinded for awhile in Enchanted Lands, something I have rarely done in this game – and I enjoyed it.

Other than climbing the quest ladder, the plan is to have Huey make level 40, then get Tlaloc the monk up to 30, and pick another alt to get up to 20.    Or even make a char on AB perhaps……………..



  1. .. wait wait… what was that? Make a character on AB? You dare taunt me with that? Oh now that would be fun! We may have another one (or two) coming to join on AB, as Saylah from her blog Mystic Worlds was peeking into it, and a friend of mine from EQ1 was going to give it a whirl closer to the RoK release. Cordanim is also going to be playing more closer to the RoK release as real life and his trip to Paris with his wife has him occupied in the mean time.

    Anyhow. What can Gothun and myself do to persuade you to come join us on the evil (or good!) side? Cookies? Pie? Cake? Name your price! *grins*

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