Posted by: mrrx | October 15, 2007

Yet More Injuries

The Cokes football team goes down in defeat, by at least 20 points (the other guy has players in the Monday night game.)

I have got to have the most injury ridden team, even the Rams haven’t taken this many shots and had so few people able to play.     Boldin, Bulger – still out, not looking good.    Maroney – Hurt groin, maybe available next week.    Westbrook – ribs bothering him, he still manages 100 yards.   Lost two defenders whose names I forget as well.

And then this week – Morris and Watson of the Patriots.     Both have been key to me getting any amount of points, and both get knocked out of the game thus sealing my doom by over 20 points.    It didn’t hurt that the other guy had big games from Bengals and Browns.    The Patriots may have won, but I sure lost big time.



  1. I am trying to get responses back on our data-visualization tool for Fantasy Football ( and would really like to know what you think? We just started pushing it out a few weeks ago and since you are in the biz I would appreciate your input.

  2. All I got was your splash page. After clicking Launch I got a new tab and the flash did not play. Firefox with Flashblocker plugin.

    I guess you’re using the best tool you can, but I have to say – I hate things developed around flash.

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