Posted by: mrrx | October 15, 2007

Lore & Legend Master

Tezcatlipocca : 52 achievement points. Had him wander many different places. First, an aborted trip to the Poets Palace, where he wanted to get to the Djinn Master solo. Opening the first door and finding all aggro greens in there convinced me I needed to wait for either help, or for Kunark levels to grey them out.

Hung around in the Shimmering Citadel long enough to finally get that elusive Naga tail tip to finish off the L&L quest, and decided to go ahead and finish off the Cyclops. That took awhile – they are still dangerous, never mind that pink label. The third group almost killed me, but I got a rhythm going after that and spent a long time knocking them down and eventually picked up the last needed update off the broker.

Then I realized more L&L quests had been added since I went on hiatus, and I decided to pick up the others that I was missing. Bugbear L&L is deep in Kaladim somewhere, and I chickened out on that one, but headed to Steamfont and got Minotaur, and Clockwork going. Killed a lot of kobolds to finish that one off first.

Next, I get my three auto updates on clockworks after killing a single mob outside of Klak Anon. That works. Ventured deep into the zone for the first time, sucking up the discovery XP and picking up a bunch of collectibles. Despite running a route through the zone for over an hour, I didn’t get the thing I really needed – a spinblade.

1,595 quests completed.


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