Posted by: mrrx | October 11, 2007

Gray Chests Ahead Cap’n

I poked around a bit on the official forums yesterday, and discovered an awesome change has been made recently – quest starters now drop even if the mobs are “pink/gray”.      So no longer do you have to beg some newb to let you mentor them, then hang around with you, while you kill endless amounts of rats in the sole hope of getting a quest starter.     Instead, you can do it all by yourself!

I love this change.     The only possible challenge is to make sure that high-level characters don’t depopulate an area where lowbies are trying to play.     It wasn’t an issue for me so far,  I identified 6 or so quest starters and went after them, getting two of them fairly easily.

The Darkpaw Animator inside that little cave in Antonica, who is building scarecrows ?    He appears to drop a quest starter every time in his little chest.     Rats, snakes, and hawks near the Coldwind griffin tower gave up several keys to the Bucanneer’s Rest, knocking off another quest.      Several other spots I came up empty.

I’m a bit worried about trying to get my Strange Gem.   The stated “best place” to get it is from the highwaymen near to the Antonica KOS teleporter.     I didn’t see any heroic ones – they may have changed the mobs and removed it from the game.    That’d be a shame.     I struck out in my attempts to get one from them.     Multiple other likely mobs all gave nothing even as I traveled all across Antonica.

I forsee quite a bit of game time chasing these.    But not tonight – still hit the sack early.

Two more quests added to the total, bringing me up to 1567.    I’ll be #18 on the list for quite a while, my next milestone will be 1600.



  1. Another huge fan of those changes here. No more having to mentor down for my book starters to drop, I can happily grind away for hours on grey mobs…

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