Posted by: mrrx | October 8, 2007

Weapon Master

Tezcatlipocca : 50 achievement points, 1559 quests. Over the months Tez managed to fall to #18 on serverwide quests, so I started attacking that once again. The Loping Plains had quite a few unfinished quests, and at this point I only have heroic ones left to finish. Got rid of evil spirits inside of Somborn, saliva and plants for Philip, and one quest asking for corpodermus husks.

Those were a pain – sneak across the plains and find the zombies, tucked in among wolves and those stirge-looking things. I have a good appreciation for how tough moving around in that zone is now, at least. I also managed to finally find the entrance to Castle Mistmoore. It looks really impressive in-game, just as all the screenshots tried to convey. I couldn’t stay and take pictures as heroic blues chased me and I ran like a scared little kitten.

I made sure to get the achievement point #50. Now, Tez has 20 points in the combat line which boosts his soloability, and the weapon mastery talent giving him some parry and extra damage. Whap! Next up is filling in the buff line for better protection. It’s not too important, I always die in this game due to offensive failures, but it certainly can’t hurt, and it beats the other choices (element protection, and rez’s).

Made my first trip back to town and the broker as well. My guild is gone, and I can’t seem to find any of its former members. Ah well. Given that, I took some junk I had laying around for potential guildies, as well as my horde of status items, and sold or brokered all of it.

The game is still fun, without a doubt, but it’s a bit weird. I get a feeling of greater emptiness – not that I’m seeking people out, or hanging out in high-traffic areas, but it did seem like fewer people were in game versus 6 months ago. Might be my imagination.

And Freeman gets the ire of my wife, for bringing (unintentionally, but you don’t think that matters to her do you?) my interest back in this direction.     Thankfully for everybody, the curse of the fall colds for her and my boy left her too weak to come after him with her +5 Organizer of Psychotropic Analysis.



  1. It’s nice to see you playing again, even though I’m no longer on the Bazaar. I’ll made a fake character just to log on and see what’s up sometime. =O

  2. Welcome back! Come make a character and peek onto AB, Gothun and I and Cordanim as well as Calreth are all in a little guild I’ve got. *Pokes and nudges* Re-linking your site!

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