Posted by: mrrx | October 8, 2007

A better week

I just started playing fantasy football this year. I had no idea it was so much fun, and totally free, on so many different websites. We have a league at work, which runs on Yahoo.

This week, I had big RB problems. Westbrook, an otherwise awesome running back, is on a bye week (not playing = no points). My not-very-deep roster left me with two choices, the Patriots RB’s Maroney and Morris. Maroney, naturally, at the last minute was benched and didn’t play. Ouch.

But his lack was made up for by Watson, the Pat’s TE. Two touchdowns gave him plenty of points. Strong defensive performance, 0 points for the enemies TE (Crumpler), and an adequate game by Matt Schaub brought me in the lead for the day, 104.5 – 89.5.

I’ve got one WR to play tonight (Crayton) as does my opponent (Owens), both Cowboys receivers. Watching that kind of game will be interesting to say the least – too bad I doubt I’ll watch. Add in a Buffalo RB for the other guy, and I’ve got a shot at winning this one. So far I suck – 1-3 after four weeks. Hopefully tonight turns things around for the Cokes.

EDIT : Crayton catches for 70ish yards and a TD; Owens for 20ish yards.    I’m the victor, 117.5 to 101.5.


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